Wednesday, April 28, 2010

It's Wednesday!!!!

Wow, the days go by so fast! It's already Wednesday. It's been a very good day and I got alot accomplished so far. Yay! I had to finish up a dozen cards for the girls from last night...there is never truly enough time to get all those cards done. So I offered to get the cards finished for them today. I also designed three 6x6 pages for club and I designed a card for a swap I signed up for, for a big meeting in London, Ont. I put my name in to do two swaps...12 cards for each group. 24 cards! That's alot! I will get back 11 different cards from each group....beautiful samples from other wonderfully talented demonstrators! I can't wait to see them.
My team has grown since the last quarterly meeting in London. I am very excited for my new girls to experience one of these meetings. The meetings are inspiring and motivating...just what a meeting should be! We really shouldn't call them meetings though....we should call them PLAY DATES!!! I think we called them meetings just to make our Hubbies think that it is about business in the business sort of way!!!! What could be more fun then getting together with a bunch of gals that are loving doing the same thing you are? Did I mention I'm going to the SU Convention in July????  I am soooooo excited for that! Over 3000 women will be there....and our fellow Americans get even more excited!!!  Have you seen them on Oprah when she has her Farvorite Things giveaway??? Well, that's about as excited as the demonstrstors get at convention....I've seen the vidio!!! I went to a Regional Seminar in London, Ont last year and the SU people say that  us Canadians are laid back! I guess we'll see!
Today I am sharing a scrapbook page of my most adorable son, Liam. On his 7th birthday he wanted McDonalds for supper. He also wanted to have his first BIG MAC! He usually gets the Happy Meal with a hamburger dressed like a Big Mac. But now that he is 7...he thinks he's big enough to eat a whole Big Mac. Well, we got him one and as you can tell he thoroughly enjoyed it! And he ate the whole thing!!! I couldn't resist getting the carmera! I'm so glad I did.
Sorry the pic is kinda wonky!
I'm trying new colour combos. Now that we have 29 colours retiring I'm trying to use them up. I have a 5 inch stack of cardstock to use. And that's just the 8.5x11 cs.
I thought these colours worked well for a boy page.

Okay dinner is in the oven, dessert is in the fridge, Jon is at the dentist, and Liam and Summer are going out in the backyard to play...I think I'll take my coffee down to my studio and get to work....I just comitted to another swap for a different meeting and I have an idea....gotta run!

Have an enjoyable night with your families!

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