Monday, December 20, 2010

'Tis the be busy!

Hi all! Just thought I'd share a card today. I don't think I have shared this one...forgive me if I have. We are running out of days til Christmas, arghhhh! Actually I am almost ready. My scrapbooks are almost finished. I just have about an hours left of work on them. YAY!! I have 99% of the shopping finished....just need some chocolates for stockings, and 75% of the wrapping if done! I have two shifts at work to get thru....Wed. and Thursday night! So it is all looking good from here! The kidlets are going to hang out with my in-laws today to get some baking done. I hope all is well with you! Enjoy!

I'll be working on Birthday Cards next! Look for the New Occasions Mini in your mailbox goes live on January 4th. I got my pre-order products for this mini....they have been sitting in the box for awhile now. Can't wait to play with them.

I will be holding a Birthday Card Class in January...I am determined to get my Birthday Cards made in advanced to have on hand when the occasion arises! I will have the details for you in early January.

I most likely won't be back to blog before Christmas.
Wishing you a Very Merry Christmas!!! Be Safe!

Take care,
Jodi Kutz

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Our Big Day!!

Here are some pictures from our Special Day...last Friday, November 26th. It was my husbands 37th Birthday, our Church Wedding Day and our childrens' Baptism Day. I think I explained all of this in a previous post....we have been legally married for 9 years now...just not married in the church. In order to have our children baptized we needed to say our vows in the Church....which I always wanted to do! So we planned out this beautiful day!

My Mom took pictures...well she tried! I mean the videos did not turn out...but the pictures did. At lest she brought her camera, I forgot mine. I remembered to bring the most imortant things...the kids and my husband!!!

Our Beautiful Summer girl!

My Family! And me with my eyes closed....I think they are closed in most of the shots!!
Isn't Liam so his Daddy!

This is Liam and Summer's Godparents...Jackie and Mark. They are they best!!

And here's one of the Baptism...That water was so tempting to Liam....he was fighting the urge to put his hands into it.

And this last picture is of all of our family and friends that could attend.

Afterwards we went to Pizza Hut for dinner to celebrate!

I am off to work on my Scrapbooks...I have four to finish!!!

Have a great night!


Monday, November 29, 2010


So finally I have a projects to post and the time to post. Thank you for returning to my blog...Thank you for sticking with me.

I was blog hopping this morning and I came across a card made by a designer name K Warner. She uses some SU products but she is not a demonstrator....I love her work. So I cased her card. Where she did not use any SU product on hers...I used only SU product on mine....and I so love how it turned out!!!

Love it!!!
I used the Clear Circle Die to cut the circle card and the Circle Scissors Plus to cut the Polka Dot DSP. I used the Bella Toile Background Stamp with Very Vanilla Craft ink and clear embossing powder on the Early Espresso Scallop Circle. I used the Champagne Glass Glitter with Tombow that glitter!!! I used a piece of Sticky Strip to adhere the Chantilly Crochet Trim.

I am thinking of making more but instead of making them into cards I will just not add the Scallop Circle to the Circle card base and add a gold elastic sting to hang them!!

Wait I have more to share with you!! These are the Stamp-a-stack Cards I promised you. I changed up a couple of these from the first class....I am holding another tomorrow night...there are still seats open!!! Contact me to reserve your seat (and cut your supplies!!).

This above card I originally made with a Crumb Cake Card Base....but I found that the images didn't stamp as nicely as on the Very Vanilla so I changed that!
Ooops I forgot to stamp the matching wheel across the bottom! I made the ornament 3D on this cute! It folds down to put in the envelope.
This card I love in Blushing Bride....but I had a request to do it in Baja Breeze...I am waiting for the snowflake die to arrival from my Mom...she borrowed it this weekend....boy I gotta get her to purchase her own Big Shot and dies!!
This one I am leaving just as it simple and cute!!
This is my original card...but in the firt class we sprayed it with Champagne Mist paint that I mixed into a bottle of hairspray! Makes a beautiful Shimmer on it!! Yes, that's right! Make your own Shimmer Spray! Just pour the contents of the bottle of paint, including the little ball for mixing, into a bottle of haispray....I just picked up a bottle at the Discount store! This will last forever!!! Give it a try!!
We used it on the Blushing Bride Snowflake card with the Frost White Shimmer Paint!

On to other Jon and I said our vows in the Church on Friday and had the kidlets baptized! It was wonderful!!  It really was like getting married all over again! And having the kids baptized was the whole point of all of this...and to be honest it was a dream come true for me. I don't have the pictures yet. My Mom took the pictures that day and she is sending them over later. I'll share those soon.

Thanks for stopping in today!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

2 Days left for....

You have two days left to join Stampin' Up! and get the Starter Kit for HALF price!!! It's a lot of great things for only $ shipping and no taxes! Click here to join my team password is jodistamps.

Also, you have only two days left to take advantage of our Online Spectacular Holiday Sale where Stampin' Up! has bundled some great products and given you 50%, 40%, 30% and 20% off.

Contact me if you have need addition information at

Hope that you had a great weekend!!


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

So I have this Demonstrator friend....

And she actually gave me a hard time last night in an email for not posting projects on my blog in forever! I know that I have been very absent for here. I have been so busy...this time of year is crazy!! I have done a couple of Craft Sales and a workshop and a couple of Stamp-a-stacks...and I do work a little outside of the home too. Even though some weeks it's only twice, it still takes my time away.

So I want to share with you what my family and I will be doing on Friday. My Husband, of 9 years, is celebrating his 37th Birthday....and on this same day we are having our children baptised...and we are getting MARRIED!!.....Hmmmmmm.......did you catch that?? My Husband and I are getting MARRIED! I know, that doesn't make sense! Well, Jon and I didn't get married in the church...we got married in a really pretty gazebo at the venue just outside of town. We are legally married...but not in the church. So in order to get the kidlets baptised we have to say our vows in the church first. I think it is kinda fun to say our vows again....and with our children present! We are gathering some of our closest friends and family to come. And we get to celebrate all of this on one husbands' birthday!

So I have been running around town trying to find a Whisper White Dress for Summer....not an easy thing this time of year! All the dresses out there right now are more of a Very Vanilla (winter white)! But after 6 stores I found a beautiful Flower Girl dress for Summer! And a Whisper White sweater to cover up her arms!! They both were lucky finds.

A white dress shirt for Liam was a little easier to find but a whole lot harder to actually buy....we (my Mom and I) are in the big W**mart and the shirt will not scan...the price is right on the package....but this cashier calls for a price one comes....she calls one comes......I need to be at the school for my interview with Summers' teacher at noon (when we got into line we had 20 min to spare). So we are waiting....and waiting and no one ever comes...I ask the cashier "can't you just charge me $7 under the childrens dept?" and my Mom says "Jodi, why don't you go back and get another shirt?" Well first of all I don't work there and they are not paying me to do this job. I know this might come off sounding terrible but....I work in retail and customer service is the most important thing retail if you want your customers to come back...especially when we have all these store to choose from, right. So I run back there to the childrens dept and I notice an employee standing in an isle. I pass her and grab not 1 but 6 shirts (because I am not coming back for another one when this one won't scan) and as I pass that lady again I ask her "Do you work in the childrens dept?" and she says "yes", I say well, you were called for a price check twice...that's ok I got it now" she says "I called back and there was no one there" so I was really bad and said "That's ok, I'll do your job!"......but what really makes me mad is that as I walked away she shouted followed me and shouted down the next isle at me. You know I would have lost any retail job I have ever had if I'd yelled at a customer. Now I am not shopping there any more....I don't shop there much as it is...but I think that Toys R Us will get my money this Christmas. Back to my story....when I got up to the cash again with all 6 shirts (that I knew where not going to scan beacuse they were all the same) the cashier then tried to scan every one of them....I'm not saying that all of this was her fault...but she then asks the cashier next to her about what to do now and this other cashier then goes on to "TRAIN" her on how to enter it under the DEPT number!! Like I had suggested from the beginning....because I know there is a way to do this. But apparently she missed that part of her training or they didn't ever show her in the first place.....ok so that is my complaint for today!! Okay I'll share last years's not so bad. I go there to W**mart to get some mittens for the kids. I fund sime pink ones for Summer and they are $8 and a Blue pair for Liam and they are $5....EXACTLY the same mittens....hers are $3 more????? So I ask the employee that is there why the same gloves are $3 different in their know what she said to me??? "I think that the colour pink is harder to make so they charge more for it." I said to her in disbelief  "Did you just say that?" It was out of my mouth before I could stop know when normally it's something that you think in your head but shouldn't say out loud. Can you believe she said that though. When I took the mittens to the customer service dept and asked them why such a price different fo rthe same mittens....she snarled at me and said "How am I supposed to know?" Maybe cause it's your job to know...that's why they call it customer service department??!! Ok that's my second complaint for today....I do have more. I think I'm in a mood!! I need to go take some pictures of all those projects I've been so busy making. And share them with you....because that is what you came for....not to listen to me rant about the BIG BOX store!

And besides, my demonstrator friend is in some kind of designing slump and needs a new projects to case!! I'll see what I can come up with for you T.B.!!


Monday, November 22, 2010

Online Spectacular Holiday Sale!!!

Amazing, Incredible and Spectacular SAVINGs!!! You don't want to miss this! Starting today until November 30th.....

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So check out the flyer and get your shopping done....friends love getting SU for Christmas!! Get something for yourself and put it under the tree....
(who am I kidding, it's never gonna make it under the tree is it?)

Have fun!!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

For only $107.50.....

Right now for only $107.95 you can get $375 worth of SU products!!! HOW??? Well, starting Monday Stampin' Up! is offering the Starter Kit for half price!! This kit is full of amazing products to get you started. You can choose from the regular Starter Kit or the Digital Starter Kit. Pssst...if you have ever considered purchasing the Digital Studio it costs $106.95 plus sipping and taxes....the Digital Starter Kit is $107.95 (with no shipping and taxes!!) and you also get all the other wonderful products with the Digital Starter Kit (and any Digital Downloads you purchase goes towards your sales!!).

When you purchase a Starter Kit you  get to be part of my team...a group of wonderful girls that have become more then just my team!! I hold team meetings as often as I can. I am here to answer any questions you may have. Also you will get access to Stampin' Connection - a demonstrator only community full of inspiring sample ideas!! So whether you want to get the Starter Kit because it is a fantastic deal or you want to join Stampin up! to start your own are some other things you may want to know:

- You need to sell (or buy) $400 per quarter, this is typically one workshop, and  by joining now your first FULLquarter won't end until March.
- As a demonstrator you recieve a 20% commission on your sales...OR a 20% discount on your purchases.
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- when you don't reach the $400 sales in a just "drop" as a need to send anything back...the kit is yours to keep.
- If you want to do this as a business I will help you get started with a simple plan to get your new business off to a great start
- If you don't want to do this as a "business"....just for the kit and to buy for yourself...I'll buy your business supplies from you.

If you have any questions just email them to me. That's what I'm here for!

Well, I am off to get some stampin' done....I have lots to do....I'll tell you about it tomorrow.

Jodi Kutz

Saturday, November 6, 2010

I am still here!

It's funny how life takes over some times. Thank you for coming back to see me. The kids are finally feeling better. they both had to do a round of antibiotics. I still have a cough and sniffle. I think it might just stay with me until spring! I guess that's what happens when you have a child in JK.

I have been busy creating...for classes and clubs. I have my annual Stamp-a-stack on Friday. There is still a couple of seats open if you are interested. Class times are 10am-2pm and 6pm-10pm. I will post the cards on Monday. We are doing 5 different cards, 4 of each for a total of 20 cards!

Today we are off to Hamilton for a CFL game! Family day! And it is snowing here in Sarnia today! Not sure about Hamilton though. I think that it is going to be a cold day!!! Jon and I went to Grey Cup in Hamilton when we were first dating...and the snow, OMGoodness!! Soooo much snow! For a football game. Crazy.

Well wish me luck that I don't freeze my tushy off!

Have a great day.....and go and get some stamping done! Stamp a card for me!


Friday, October 22, 2010


My life keeps getting in the way of creating!! After having only 0-1 shift a week at work for awhile, now I end up Thursday night, Friday day, Saturday day, Sunday day, Monday night....Tuesday a day off then Wednesday night work...Thursday night off (yeah Grey's!!) then Friday night work! Too much! This is exactly what I did last year this time until Christmas....and I promised myself and the kids I wouldn't do it poor kids cry when I tell them I've gotta work. They are at that age where they need me at home. I want to be home with them....when I 'm working then I feel like I'm missing improtant family time. That's just how I feel. I am hoping that all these hours are just because one of the girls is on vacation. November is a busy month for me with my Stampin' Events!

I have a Christmas Tags class coming up and a Christmas Card Stamp-a-Stack!! So fun! I can't wait!

And poor Summer is still sick...welcome to JK!! If she's not feeling better by Monday then we'll be going to visit the doctor! And Liam and I still have a terrible cough.

I did stamp 8 images yesterday but I didn' get the chance to finish them as cards! By the time the kids are in bed at night I am so tired. Not as tired as my hubby though...poor guy...the kids keep getting him up in the night. I am a heavy sleeper and I rarely hear them. So he gets up for work at 5:30am and he get's up in the night with the kids. He is a light sleeper...he always has gotten up with them....even when they were nursing babies, I could actually sleep through the cries but he would hear them. He would get them and change them and bring them into bed and wake me to nurse them....then I'd fall back to sleep and he'd go tuck them back in to their crib. What a great Daddy! Since Summer has been sick she has been napping in the afternoons again, so she's not going to bed as early at night....Jon said tonight that soon he'll be going to bed before the kids just so that he can get some more sleep! Some night's he is actaully sleeping on the couch before they are actually asleep in their beds!

Okay enough about our sleeping habits! I'm sorry, I know you came to see some cards. I promise as soon as I make a card I'll post it. I can't wait to finish the ones I'm working on!

Have a great night! Happy Stampin'....someone should be doing some stampin'!!!


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Perfect Handmade Holiday!

Check out these incredible discount Bundles from Stampin' Up! for your
Handmade Holiday Projects and Gifts!

Click the Bundles image in the left side bar to view the details!

Check out my Upcoming Classes and Events here! 

Happy Stampin!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Happy Monday!

What a great weekend! I taught a class for my Husbands' cousin, Lisa, in Mississauga. I really enjoyed myself! The ladies were awesome and so sweet! Every one was a seasoned crafter! Very enjoyable!

I brought the family too! They really enjoyed themselves...there were other children there for them to play with. Lisa's husband put out a fabulous meal for us and her sister, Lara, and her husband and children were all there for dinner. My husband and I really enjoyed spending time with them.

Last week I shared with you one of the four cards for this Embossing Technique Class and here are the other three...
For this first card we used Early Espresso CRAFT ink and Clear embossing power...simple but so cute....this one was inspired by Lisa Depensier.

Next up is this beautiful snowflack card....
Recognize the snowflake? It's the Medallion from the Day of Gratitude stamp set.
For this card we put versamark on the image then before stamping it we sponged on some Bashful Blue, Baja Breeze and Marina Mist Classic ink starting in the middle of the medallion with the lightest blue and working our way out. Then we stamped the image. The next step was to emboss it with clear embossing powder. Once this was done we sponged the blues again (emboss resist technique) this time starting in the middle of the image with the darkest blue and worknig our way out with the lighter blues.
I love this card!

And for our last card....
We used Bells and Boughs stamp set with Versamark and Gold Embossing powder! Then I used the Stampin' Write Markers to colour in the image.
Sadly we didn't get to this card! I demonstrated it...we were having so much fun together that we took longer than planned and dinner was ready and waiting! So I will finish these cards and mail them off to the gals!

So now I'm off to plan some more a Tags til Christmas Class
(the Tags til Christmas Stamp set and co-ordinating Decorative Label Punch are going on Sale tomorrow...if you purchase the bundle you get 20% off and a FREE TAGS class!)
 and my Christmas Stamp-a-Stack of cards! More details to come...but you can contact me to reserve you seat for either of these events anytime!

Thank you for stoppin' in!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Taking this show on the road!

I am heading to Mississauga tomorrow to teach a class! I am so excited! I have all my cards designed, cut and bagged (Thanks Mom!). All my supplies are organized and packed...almost! The last of the wash is in...the family is coming too! It has been a long week with sick kids and fighting a cold myself. I was worried on Monday that I was not going to have enough time to get ready for my events this week and that was before everyone got sick then I ended up with the kids home sick on Tuesday and Wednesday, I sent them on Thursday (and looking back I shouldn't have)...Summer came home from school fevered, threw up, took a 4 hour nap, woke up and had some soup and crackers then went back to bed. Both the kids slept wonderful girlfriend called and offered to take Liam to school for me so I wouldn't have to take Summer out in the rain (you rock girlfriend!). Summer was feeling much better today...although there is still lots of that how you spell it?...from all three of us. I am amazed how much I was able to get done today!

I promise to share the cards when I get back. You are gonna love them!

So now I have to run and get the kiddies to out to my Mom's to borrow some Stampin' Write markers and an air matress.

Oh, before I go I wanted to share something exciting with you! No, I'm not pregnant....(well that's the first thing that usually pops into your head when someone says that!) : )

Remember the secret projects I was working on after Convention? I was asked back in July to be a Featured Guest Artist in our Stampin' Success magazine...our demonstrators magazine!!! I was asked to make four Christmas Projects for a two page article. They chose the Bells and Boughs stamp set for me from the Holiday Mini. I got the first of this stamp set hot off the presses or moulds I imagine. At Convention, I met up with Emily Meuller from the Home Office to get the stamp set. Then once I got home from Convention I was on a two week deadline to get my four projects ready and in the mail. Whew, what a deadline!!! But oh what an honor!!!  The November issue of Stampin' Success was online for demo's to check out on Tuesday....and even more exciting I received my actual magazine in the mail today!!! It's so awesome to see it in real life! Ok so I tooted my own horn a little...I'm excited and honored! I took pictures of those projects and I will share them with you next week as well. If you are coming to an event soon, I share the magazine article with you too!

Ok now I really gotta run! Have a great weekend! Stay healthy!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Day of Gratitude

I received this stamp set from Stampin' Up Regionals in Hamilton. It's one of those sets that you can do so much with. Here are three cards I made with card is the Make & Take card from Regionals and the other two were inspired by samples on a display board there at Regionals.

I'm working on a Winter themed card using this medallion image as a cute!

Happy this day is coming to a close...looking forward to bedtime! The kids and mine!

Have a great night!


Monday, October 11, 2010

Happy Turkey Day!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!! We had homemade pizza tonight! We had turkey dinner at my parents house on Saturday and ham with my in-laws yesterday! YUM!

Now I have two sick kiddies. Liam has a fever and Summer has a bad cough. I have to work tomorrow thru the day...the first day that both of the kids go to school all day I told my Manager that I was available from 10am til 3pm...of course my fisrt day shift in my children are to ask my Mother-in law if she can watch Liam if he's still fevered in the morning.

I do have a card for you today. I know I have been neglecting you...I am gets so busy! This is a Christmas card for my class that I'll be going to Mississauga turned out really nice! Well I think so anyway!

I'll be teaching embossing and the different  techniques you can do! I love this emboss-resist technique.
I have to find time to make two more cards and finish one that I have started.

The kids are fed and bathed and ready for bed and it's only 6:40pm. A few more minutes and they are off to bed. I just don't know if I will have the energy to get down stairs to the studio tonight. I've got a snuffy nose too, and my ear that bothered me for 2 weeks is feeling full again, but Mommies not allowed to bed sick, right?! "Suck it up buttercup" rings in my full ear!!!

Sorry for one else listens and here you are kinda held hostage to my rant! Tee hee!

Hope that you have had a Happy Thanksgiving! I am Thankful for you for, your business and you support and for coming back to see my creations!


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I'm sorry!

Life has been a little hectic and I have been neglecting you! I am sorry. I haven't had time to stamp so I haven't had things to share with you either...but I did find this one card...I'm pretty sure I haven't shown here it is...a simple card...looks simple anyway!
I just love these little cubby penguins! They are form the Jolly Bingo Bits stamp set in the Holiday Mini! JUst have to have this set that has all kinds of cute winter/Christmas images! I markered up his feet and nose in More Mustard and his body in Basic Black of coarse, then I used a Real Red Stampin' Write Marker  to draw the line around them and also used the marker to ink up the Season's Greetings Sentiment from a stamp in the Gifted stamp set. It's a simple and clean card. No layers and no ribbon...can you believe it? Well, I was inspired by Ilina Crouse on this one. I had seen her card some time ago and thought of how simply sweet it was...then when I got this stamp set I made mine without going back to look at hers....well, they turned out a little different but with the same feel. I purposely didn't go back to see her card until mine was complete. I think that as a demonstrator, getting to share and see all kinds of wonderful cards on Stampin' Connection has it's beneifits and disadvantages too. This demonstrator, Ilina Crouse is wonderfully talented. I love her work. She puts in her pre-order, as demo's get to do, but she must live right outside the door of Stampin' Up because she always has her goodies first and has samples online right away even before my pre-order has shipped! By the time I get my box of goodies I've seen so many samples already that I feel like when I do sit down to create's not my mind is flooded with elements of others samples...elements that I really liked and they stuck in my head! Weird,eh?

So this one time (at band camp...sorry, I counld help it!!!) I refused to look at anyones samples until I had my box of goodies and made my own first so that I knew they were from my head and know one elses! And you must know how hard that was to NOT look...not even a peek. Here in Canada, where I live at least, it takes 7 business days to get here. Sometimes when the stars are alined and the moon is Bashful Blue I get my order one day sooner. And sometimes, like today I see that my current box of goodies decide to take a joy ride on the back of the UPS truck all the way to Kansas...I am not kiddin' you! So it was supposed to come Thursday and now it has been RESCHEDULED for the 12th...AHHHHHH! Okay well I'm not being completely's just catalogues in that order! My goodies are coming just sounded more dramatic if you thought that it was my goodies!

Okay, I gotta get to bed...the kidlets have school tomorrow and we've been having some terrible mornings around here...lets hope tomorrow goes better! Doesn't help either if Mommy's tired.

Good night...stampin' dreams!
And Thank you for coming back to see me!


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Pink for Christmas?

I found this beautiful card on Stampin' Connection and just had to case it! (Carrie Gaskin is the original designer). It's my favorite colour! PINK! I know!!! Pink for Christmas! I LOVE this card!
So pretty. The pink is the New In Colour Pink called Blushing Bride and it works so nicely with Very Vanilla. The glitter is our new glass glitter...I love this stuff! No mess glitter!

I'm gonna run and get some stamping done today!


Monday, September 27, 2010

This was the project I worked...

This is the project I worked on all day yesterday! I am so pleased with how it turned out! I received this stamp set at Stampin' Up!'s Regional  Event in Hamilton on the weekend....I have been waiting and waiting to get my hands on this set and trying to control myself by not ordering it because I knew that I was getting it....that was hard! I love this set...the medallion image is so pretty!

This project was inspired by Kimberly Van Diepen. She is so talented. I changed up the elements and made it my own. This was really fun. I love the details! There are so many products used that I won't list them.
Then when I finished this project I went to to make three cards using this stamp set is called Day of Gratitude (#120835 $32.95 w or #121148 22.95 c on pg 12 of the Holiday Mini!)

I think that I'll save the cards to share with you tomorrow! Not to tease you but incase I don't get down to my studio tonight to get something new created for tomorrow!
And this way I'll have some details for the class I'll be offering for this stamp set!

Hope that you liked my project can leave me a comment telling me if you do! I' love to hear your thoughts!

Happy Stampin'!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

What a wonderful Regional in Hamilton!

So much fun! And Shelli was don't know who Shelli is? She is the Co-founder and President of Stampin' UP! Such a beautiful and sweet and gracious lady! I went up to her and asked if I could have a picture with her....I shook her hand and introduced myself and she know that we shouldn't be shaking hands...I'm so embarrased now...I said "my hands are clean!". I was thinking that she was referring to the time of year and how gems are passed by shaking hands! She then said that we should be hugging! She said that Canadians are so polite with hand shaking but that Americans HUG. So I said "oh, you want a hug...I can do that! So I hugged her....RED FACE and all. It doesn't help that my ear is still plugged and I'm thinking I missed some of what she said! That's my story and I'm sticking with that! Well, I think that she'll remember me! It's hard not to be a little awe struck. I always embarass myself in social situations....imagine what kinda silly thing I'd say to Brad Pitt if ever given the chance to meet him! Oh well, what can you do!

So Stampin' Up has made becoming a demonstrator a really awesome thing right now! Not only do you get the most amazing Starter also get the New Greenhouse Gala Tote (you can see it on the left hand column of my blog). I have one and it is the BEST!!! Then while we were in Hamiton yesterday they sweetened the deal a little more!!!! If you join my team before October 10th you will recieve a SNEAK PEEK stamp set from the next Mini Catalogue! It's called EAT CHOCOLATE!!! Here are some sample made with this set!

(and although I haven't seen it...word on the SU street is that these cute little guys are PUNCHED out with a co-ordinating PUNCH!!! You know how SU makes everything amazing wonderfully exciting by CO-ORDINATING EVERYTHING!!!!) If you have though...even just once...about becoming a demonstrator, then call me and we'll talk. I will answer all of your questions. So whether you just want to become a demonstrator for yourself and your friends or if you want to make a little extra income (Christmas is coming!) we can make a plan for you. I am here to help you get want you want out of your new adventure.

I have been wonderfully spoiled today! Jon has made breakfast, lunch and dinner today! He has bathed the kidlets and they are soon ready for bed. I have been able to stamp today! I have the finishing touches to do on this project then I'll get the picture and post it tomorrow! I am always so inspired by other demonstrators. After being at Regionals I have so many ideas swimming aroung in my head! Got to get them made!

I'm gonna run and spend some time with the kids before bed...I think we'll be reading some of our favorite stories tonight!

Enjoy your evening!
See you tomorrow!

Friday, September 24, 2010

I'm off to Hamilton!!!

I'll be leaving in less than an hour...just waiting for my jammies to dry! Geeting in some last minute snuggles with the kidlets!

I ended up going to the ER last night to have my ear's an infection...swimmers ear! I should have gone sooner in the week! That'll teach me. I went after my club members left and I got there around 11pm and crawled into bed at 2am...long wait for a 2 min diagnosis! Hot Doc though!

Here the the card front I made for a swap for the Stampin' Up! Regional was inspired by Sandi MacIver....
This second one was my first version...
I couldn't do this as a swap card because I used markers on the Holly...way too time consuming...also I didn't have enough of the Whisper White Satin Ribbon.

I can't wait to see what I get back for swaps.

Have a great weekend!
Thanks for stopping in!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Jolly Bingo Bits!

Ohhhhh, I love this little guy!!! This little gingerbread man is from the Jolly Bingo Bits from the Holiday Mini! The are 24 very cute little Christmas images in this stamp set...the possibilities are truly endless.

You can fin this little cutie on page 28 of the Holiday Mini (#120857 w or #121187 c).

I did get to make some swaps last night!!! I made 30 card fronts. I spent this morning getting them all finished. Swapping cards at Stampin' Up! events is really a fun experience! Can't wait for tomorrow night! I get to spend some time with my great friend and downline Sue Grant who has been MIA because she started a new full time job. I miss talking to her everyday. So it'll be nice to get to spend Friday night and all day Saturday in Hamilton...doing what we love! STAMPING!!!

Happy Stampin' to you!
Thanks for stopping in to see my creation today!
Take care,

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

50 candy wrappers!

Here are my candy wrapper treats for the kids classes....there are 30 students in Summer's class and 20 in Liam's...
Actually I don't think that there are quite 50 there....I need to recount and make a few more. I used the Wicked Fun Specialty DSP for these little cuties. I save out the Flocked paper and will use those for another project so that's why I was short a few candy wrappers....these went together very easily...once I got the hang of it! I cut them all out and then put the together while watching TV the other night. I'm thinking that I will stamp a Spooky greeting on them too. So not quite done but definately ahead of schedule!

I worked on a few Christmas card today while my Mom was here for a visit. Then she was telling me how she has to create a display at work in a display case and they can win a prize for the best display's for a gift they are giving away....a camera. She she was brain-storming how to make a carmera from a box. So as she's thinking out loud how to do this I got out the Big Shot Box #2 XL die and ran thru a piece of Basic Grey CS and folded it up, then I punched some circles and stuff....then I showed her what I had made and she said "that will do just perfectly!". Then I let her leave without taking a picture of it...silly me!

I am going to Stampin' Up!'s Regional Seminar in Hamilton on Saturday...I got to thinkning today that I should make up some cards to swap....I know leaving it kinda late. But this one card I made up today would be really quick and simple. I was thinking of using it for a Christmas Card Stamp-a-Stack.
So maybe tonight I'll make a few. Last night I ended up resting on the couch after the kids went to bed...boy, they sure wear me out. By the time I get them to bed I'm beat. If I sit down on the couch then I'm done.
You know that feeling don't ya!
See you tomorrow!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ohhhhh the weather outside is frightful....Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!

Well not's a whooping 30 degress out right now in Sarnia! WOW! I love that song and always sing it to the kids....but I was refering to my card today! Oh, just a sec I gotta check on the lasagna in the oven.......ok it's ready! Gotta get the kids in and cleaned up for dinner....well, it'll need to cool awhile. Back to my card....this is a card that we made at my workshop on Sunday. It's a shaker card. I used Stampin' UP!'s new glass glitter...oh, I love this's no mess glitter...gotta love that!!!!! I cased this card from Stampin' Connection. I changed it up a bit. I'm sorry I'll have to look up the name of the original creator!
Okay so I tried looking up her name and it seems that she must not have tagged her photo right and I cannot find her...I'm sorry to that demo. I like to give credit to those who I've cased.

I used Alway Artichoke and Cherry Cobbler and Crumb Cake cardstock. The stamps sets are "Welcome Chritmas" (page 37 of the IBC #118736 w or 120597 c) and the sentiment is from the "Bright Christmas" stamp set found in the Holiday Mini on page 22 (#121678 w or 121318 c). I also used the "En Francais" background stamp (page 142 IBC #109521) and the "Vintage Wallpaper" Impressions embossing folder.
I love this card and think that I'll be making more of these...maybe even tonight if the kids don't wear me out first. 

Tomorrow I will show you my Hallowen Treats for the kids classes. I have them all done. I know it is really early..but if you remember I was a little off my game last year! I just need to add the candy!

Better get the kiddies fed now...
Have a great evening!
Thanks for stopping in,
take care!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Over the Top Card Class missing photo...

Here is the fourth card for the Over the Top Card Class that I missed last post...
I love love love this paper....and I want to share it with you!!! If you want to join in for this me (or email me!!) tonight as I am cutting for it and there is still seats open!

My poor ear is still plugged...has been for days now! Poor Jon is not feeling well...coming down with a cold...Liam had a cough yesterday but seems fine so far today and Miss Summer is just fine so far...fingers crossed!

Have I told you how much I love Stampin' Up! lately? I recieved three free stamps sets from Mr. Brown today!!! Can't wait to play with those....I cannot reveal why I got them yet...stay tuned!

One of the most important reasons that I love SU is because of the people it has brought into my life! From my wonderful Customers to awesome Demonstrators...I have made the most wonderful new friend I have made is a demonstrator that lives in Edmonton...we connected on Stampin' Connection (it's kinda like FB for Demonstrators only). We chatted online for a few months...then last week she suprized me with a phone call! She called last night too and we easily spent one hour on the phone!! If it wasn't for her beautiful daughters needing bath time and my dear Husband, who very patiently waited that hour to watch a movie with me...I'm pretty sure we could have talked for hours more! So now we are trying to make a plan to meet at Leadership (a Stampin' Up! Event that is for demo's with growing businesses). I soooo hope that we both can go...It'll be so much fun! So here's shout out to my new friend in Edmonton...Tamara Bertram.

Time for dinner....have a great evening!
Take care,

Friday, September 17, 2010

Over the Top!

These are the cards for my "Over the Top" Card class being held Tuesday, September 21 at 7pm.

This (above) was cased from Kimberly Van Diepen.

I seem to have forgotten to take a picture of the fourth card...silly me!
Contact me to reserve you seat!

So we managed to survive Summer's first full week of school. Poor girl...she has had too many meltdowns! Jon took the day off work today to help me clean some stuff out of the basement. He took the kids to school. Summer cried when he left. Poor Jon!
Liam has his buddy over and Jon is building a campfire for them. I'm hiding in the house because I don't want to smell like campfire tonight! I love the campfire, don't get me wrong...but Jon and I worked hard today...moving funiture and stuff...I just had a shower late this afternoon....I'm tired!

Maybe I'll sneak down to the studio and make a card...or cut the cards for my workshop for Sunday! Looking forward to that!

Happy Friday!
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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Greeting Card Kids....

I so LOVE this stamp set!!!  It's called Greeting Card Kids found on page  of the Idea Book and Catalogue (#119887)...
Oh aren't they adorable!!!
So I wanted to use the little boy and girl stamp...but I wanted them individually....I inked one of them up at a time very carefully with Black Stazon.
This is what I came up with!

I need to make a couple more of these little cuties...I gave them all away to some wonderful Teachers at the kids school!
Speacking of kids and school...a little update on Summer...she is doing great at school....she has had tears in the mornings before school and at night before bed. Not this morning though! It has been very long week for her...and me...I miss my sidekick!
And Liam...well, he's doing fantastic! Making new friends and trading Pokeman (sp?) cards!

Have a great afternoon!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Keep it Simple Card Class....

These are the cards we will me making in my Keep It Simple Card Class this week on Thursday at me to reserve you seat!

Each one of these cards uses the Greenhouse Gala DSP. Very versatile...look at all the didferent colour schemes in just one Designer Series Paper!

Class Date: Thursday, September 16th
Class Time: 7pm
Cost: $25
RSVP soon!

I will run this class every month. So keep an eye on my Events page on my Demonstrator website for class dates and contact me to sign up each month. No monthly commitment on your part just call to reserve your seat.

Happy Sunday!
Now I'm off to get my club projects ready!