Monday, April 19, 2010

A beautiful spring day!

It is very nice out today. Yesterday was cold and on Saturday is was very cold with hail! The up and down in the weather like this...well I always get a cold. But today is beautiful. I noticed that the tulips are blooming!So early in the season. The lilacs are soon to open too! Most times the lilacs are not even open by the May Long Weekend! I grabbed my camera and went out and took some pic's I wanted to share with you. I've alwasys wanted to get really good pic's of flowers but my old camera just would not take good pic's. In November my hubby and I bought a new camera for our trip to Cuba. I love my new camera! The pic's it takes are amazing. I am slowly learning how to use it though. So here are the pic's I took of the tulips and lilacs today.
The lilacs are right beside our bedroom window...when it is warm at night I can open the window and smell them as I go to sleep. We just need some warm nights so I can sleep with the window open!

I am working on a card...I'll go get it finished and share it with you later.
Enjoy your afternoon!

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