Saturday, July 31, 2010

Icky Sticky!!!

Our family camp out was great! The kids were so good and we all had so much fun! These are the marshmallows I promised you a picture of...
Liam dissappointed me...I thought he'd have gotten a whole lot messier!

Summer had some issues know when you roast a marshmallow the outside is toasty and brown then when you take a bite the inside pushes out the backside....well, that's what happened to her. Then it ended up on the ground, then she stepped in it and then there was this stringy marshmallowy mess! Then Liam went into the house to get washed up and left a stick mess on the door nob! Oh what fun! Thanks Mom for the Giant marshmallows! I owe you one!

We washed up and put out the campfire and went into the tent to play games...cause the kids just really want to play in the tent! So we played Candyland...Summer's favorite. Then some UNO for Liam.  Finally all tucking into bed. Liam and I shared an air mattress...we waited until Daddy and Summer went to sleep then whispered stories to each other. In the night he kept creeping onto my side of the bed...once I nudged him and he said "That's my jet pack." I wonder what kind of wonderful things he was dreaming about.
Everyone was up at 3:30am to go in for a potty break...then took awhile to get back to sleep!
If the weather clears up the kids and I will camp out again tonight...poor Jon has to work OT on
Sunday and Monday : (  I think he'll be happy to have the bed and the house all to himself!

I'm know that you come here to see a card...sorry I don't have one for you today.
Thank you for letting me go on about my kids.
 I have been in my studio all day working on some beautiful projects but I cannot share these with you yet. I'm sorry...they are marked private and confidential! I can tell you that I'm covered in glitter...and if you know me well, you'll know that I am not happy about being covered in glitter! Oh the price we pay for fame...never mind!

Have a great night! I will work on something that I can share with you!


Friday, July 30, 2010

Backyard camp out!

So finally we have a nice night and the time to have a family backyard camp out! The tent is up! Not an easy job. It only took us an hour. And the kids were great! Very helpful.

And for this special occasion I made home made pizza...a family favorite. I make the pizza dough from scratch...but I use the bread maker to kneed the dough. Liam and Summer both helped roll out the dough.
My handsom guy! He was so happy to be able to do the rolling...I'm kinda a control freak...yes, I admit it. I don't like the extra mess that the kids can sometimes make...he did a great job and there was no extra mess.
My hands were full of flour when Summer took her turn so I missed getting the pic.
She got bored fast and went to finish watching her movie...

Liam always has this really cheesy smile when I take his I have to get him to say funny words so that he has a sort of normal expression on his his pic he said "pizza, pizza"!
I had Summer said pickles and peanut butter! She thought that was very funny.
Well, they are starting to fill the tent with lots of stuff and I'm feeling like I better go take control of that situation before they have their whole rooms put into it!!

Oh and my Mom was in the USA for a few days and she brought back the BIGGEST marshmallows ever! It's like three marshmallows in one! We are going to roast those tonight and try to make smores out of them. I think the kids will need a bath before bed! Remember the Marshmallow Man from Ghostbuster? I think Liam will look like that...he gets soooooo messy from one normal sized marshmallow. I'll share that pic with you tomorrow.

Okay I'm going now...wish me luck tonight! This should be interesting!


I never thought I'd see you again!

I'm talking to my flower box! I entered it into a SU contest and it didn't win but I found it hanging there amoung this display of beautiful paper crafted things! I really never thought I'd see it again! I was soooooo tempted to bring it home...but I belongs to SU now and that would be stealing!

Bye flower box...I will miss you! I know that I can make another...someday! Wait a minute I don't even have that paper anymore...sniff, sniff! I'll be okay!

I had a downline meeting! Great group of frineds! I gave each of them goodies from Momento Mall! So fun!

I'd better get to bed...the kids and I are off to my in-laws for some swimming and BBQ lunch with visiting family!

Thanks for stopping in!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My Convention Swap...

This is the card I made with the intention of using as my swap card...then realized that I didn't order enough Vintage Trim Ribbon...(I forget the name right this minute!)...
This is the one I used instead...I really do love the trim and wished I hadn't made the mistake...I think this turned out ok though...
Well, my final draft was still a little different...but this is close.

Did you know that Stampin' Up! has a GREAT Hostess Promotion on right now? When you hold a workshop and have sales of $450 or more you get an extra $35 on top of the already fantastic Hostess Rewards!!! You will get a Hostess Level 2 Stamp Set and $45 plus the $35 in free product....for a total of $80 in free product!!!! That's amazing!! Want in on this deal? Let's book your Workshop date! You can even hold your workshop in my studio...just bring the goodies and I'll supply the fun!!...and you get all the rewards!
Contact me with your date!

Thanks for stopping in,

Monday, July 26, 2010


At Convention during our Flower Power party I got the chance to have my picture taken with Shelli and her husband, cool! They were talking when I first came up to them...she told me that Sterling was just telling her that he liked the mustache and sideburns and wondered if he should keep them.

I gave her one of my swap cards and she took a bit of time to really look at it!

It is really nice that she takes the time to meet the demonstrators...even if only for a few minutes.

This one is of Alicia Ryckman and I doing our Stage March for achieving Cruise! Yep, I did it, I achieved the Alaskan's in May 2011. And I could not have done it without each and every one of my customers! So Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!
Just a little nervous!
But so exciting! After seeing how Stampin' Up! does up an event like this I cannot wait to go on that Cruise! And I'm hoping to go to Leadership in January! Hoping my upline Mary Beth will join me! Hint hint ; )

Well, I hope that you enjoyed my pic's all the way from Salt Lake City!

Thanks for stopping in!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sniff, sniff...I'm home...

I made it home from Convention safe and sound...long day yesterday. Sad to leave...I had so much fun! But sooooooooooo happy to be home to see my family. I missed the kids so much that I woke them up to hug and kiss them! Jon is happy I'm back too! He kept the kids busy and they were very good for him. And only a few tears at night for Mommy. I am so lucky to have this man as my best friend and husband!!! He took the week off to be with the kiddies so that I could go away!

Convention...can I say WOW!!! Stampin' Up! is so amazing. They did a fantastic job!!! 2800 demonstrators attended! The SU Staff was wonderful and friendly and warm and inviting! I had a fantastic job! There was a 60's themed party, a game show, PRIZE PATROL (where they pull out a patterned bracelet and if it matched win a prize!!! I won yesterday before we left!!!) and Momento Mall and Shelli! I had my picture taken with her and her husband...she was so sweet and kind! So much fun!!!!!!!  I think that everyone that loves SU should become a demo just to be able to experience Convention! So if you have ever thought about becoming a demonstrator now really is the time...for a million reasons...but SU added an even better reason to do it now...if you want to know more.....I'll tell you, but you have to contact me!

I have about 900 pic's of Convention...I'm just guessing but I wouldn't be surprized! I'll post some this week.

I met so many wonderful demonstrators and made a few new friends...I'd like to say hi to...Kelly N from SLC (can't wait to see you!!!) , Melba B from New Jersey, and Alex H from RC and lots more that I couldn't remember their names :(

Well, my mind is swimming with ideas! Can't wait to get some creating done! I get to hang with the family tomorrow and my friend is coming for coffee!! Can't wait...

Have a great night...

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I'm leaving on a jet plane....

Today's the day!!! I leave in 3 hours to go to Convention! I'm not really excited yet. I will be. I have to get through the good-bye's with Liam and Summer...there goes my tummy again....deep breathe in...and let it out slowly. I'm ok...for a few minutes anyway.
Here is a simply beautiful card for you today...

I won't be bringing my laptop to Convention...I have 4 days with out kids and I'm looking forward to NOT being loaded down with a ton of the laptop stays...I may experience some withdrawl though!

So take care and have a great rest of your week!!!
See you Sunday or Monday! Come back and check out my Convention pictures!!!


Saturday, July 17, 2010

More Beautiful Butterflies...

Here is a card I made the other night.....loving the new stamps and accessories!!
I so love the butterflies!!

Well, I have to sign off, it's family camp out night in the living room. We were supposed to set up our new 10 man, two room tent to camp in but Jon thought it was supposed to thunderstorm. Not to mention the two hours it will take to set up the tent! So the living room it is!

Hope you are enjoying your weekend! Three more sleeps until Convention!! So excited and anxious at the same time.

Good night!

Friday, July 16, 2010

One quick post!

Here is a card we made in all my clubs this month! I love this flower...and so easy to make. Sorry the paper is retired. When I was prepping for my clubs this paper was still current!
Our theme this month was flowers. We made three cards with paper flowers. We also used the Hostess Level 1 Because I care on two other we coloured with blender pens on Whisper White paper and the other we used Aqua Painters on Watercolour paper. I'll post those another time...still have to take pic's of them.....I didn't post them before now because I didn't want to spoil the fun for my club members!

I made was able to make four cards last night using some new products! I will share those over then next couple of days!

I'm off to a meeting tomorrow night, Saturday night I have a hair appointment...gotta get my roots coloured for Convention...I get to do a stage walk or two or three! Later Saturday night the kids and Jon and I are having bonfire and a camp out in the back yard....Sunday or Monday BBQ at Mom's with my brother and niece and nephews! (I get to cuddle a baby!!! Oh how I love babies!!!) And then Tueday is the BIG DAY! I'm off to Convention! Oh, I get butterflies in my tummy everytime I think about it. Good or bad...not sure. I get a little anxious about flying, I'm excited for this adventure....but mostly I think because I have to leave my kiddies and my Hubby. I've never traveled without my husband. And I can't bare the thought of leaving my sweeties for five whole nights. I don;t get to kiss them good night and tuck them into their beds. I won't get their wonderful good morning hugs. Ok, I have to stop now. I'm feeling more than butterflies now.

I'll be back with more pic's for you.

P.S. Sorry for my spelling and grammar. It's very late.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

An Elegant Card...

I got this new set yesterday and couldn't wait to make a card with it. The stamp set is called Always Elegant. I added on of SU's newest and coolest embellishments, Basic Pearls. I love them! There are some very tiny pearls in this package...I've never seen pearls this small before! There are three different sizes and three strips of pearls to use as borders....way cool! I plan to have lots of these on hand! We now carry Basic Rhinestones too....check them out on page 188 of the Idea Book and Catalogue (IBC).

I used lots of pearls...who could resist...they are perfect for dressing up this image!
I also used the Elegant Lines Embossing Folder. My colours are Marina Mist and Early Espresso.

I have to get some work done on my convention swaps...the countdown is on...6 more sleeps! Ahhhhhh! I'm so excited! SU gave us a sneak peek of something that will be available for us to purchase a convention....a scrappin' know, to carry all your scrappin' supplies with you we you are off scrappin'....although I don't go OUT to scrap much! The tote is made with fabric in the design of SU Greenhouse Gala DSP (Designer Series Paper)....soooooo cute! I'll be sure to share it with you when I come home!

Gotta run, dinner is ready!
Have a great night, and Thank you for stopping by!

Monday, July 12, 2010

I want to share my first Christmas Card with you!

So it's my first Christmas Card of the season...I know you are still thinking Summer...heat and humidity and thunderstorms! I'm thinking that if it's time for me to start making Christmas cards then it must be time to get the Christmas gift shopping started so that I don't leave it until the last minute again!!!

So onto my card...this one is is an interactive card for sure! I hope that you can figure it out from the pictures. (One of these days I'll figure out how to make a video!). I saw it today Stampin' Connection (sorry SU demo's site only! Trust me...having access to this website is alone worth signing up to be a demo for!!!) Inspired by France Martin....
The stamp set is called this makes a bunch of Chritmas tags...always need those! The colours are my new Christmas favorites Cherry Cobbler, Old Olive and Very Vanilla.
Can you figure it out? I think it was called a Screen Door card. I didn't finish stamping the inside yet...waiting for more stamps! Yes, I need more! Actually, tomorrow Mr. Brown is bringing me a box of presents!!!!
Oh, I hope that he comes early! New ribbon, new DSP, new stamps, new..."Oh Miss Gosh" (as my daughter would say instead of Oh My Gosh) I cannot remember all that I ordered! Ohhhhhhh, I can't know it is like Christmas, getting a box of presents!

Enjoy the rest of the day, hee hee, there in only 15 minutes left of the day! I should get to sleep then...tease you tomorrow...I mean see you tomorrow!


Saturday, July 10, 2010

Can you believe I'm working on Christmas Projects already?

I love Christmas time...and I think it should last much longer then it does! In August I always start working on Christmas cards and projects. I have been asked to design the make & takes for an up, up, upline of mine, Alicia. She is planning a BIG ALL DAY meeting in August and we are doing a Christmas theme! My fav! I have been planning these projects for a little while now...mostly on paper and in my head. So last night and today I have been able to make the projects...and they have turned out sooooo good. I don't have the stamp set or the DSP we'll be using yet! So I've made most of the projects and I will add those finishing touches next week! On Friday night I get to share them with Alicia! Oh, I hope she likes them...and doesn't think that they are too much work! I told her that I have a hard time with "simple"...I like the little details...and when I get working away on something I lose track of I think that the project that I'm making at the time is simple and Quick but then when someone else tries to duplicate it ...we'll it takes a little more time. But I have been taking step by step pictures to go along with the projects and writing up the directions. Sorry to tease you because I cannot show you the projects just yet.

But I do have a card for you today...I was inspired by Sharon Field....

The DSP (Designer Series Paper) is from Greenhouse Gala. The colours are Baja Breeze Early Espresso and Whisper White cardstock. The butterfly was stamped on Tangerine Tango CS (cardstock) with Basic Black Craft Ink and embossed with Clear embossing powder. Then I coloured in some places ont he butterfly with a white gel pen.

I would like to make this same card with different colours...maybe today!

Summer and I got to have a "Girls Night" last night...wanna know what we did? We watched Barbie's Fairytopia and ate Oreo cookies with milk and then we ate some pop corn and had some chocolate milk with that! We snuggled on the couch! It was fun...just what we needed.
The boys went down to the park for Bayfest....Rush was playing. Jon really likes them and has been playing their music for Liam over the last couple of Liam knows some of their songs too. They found a place outside of the concert (Liam is too young, in our opinion, to go inside...too many people!) where they could see the big screen and hear the music. Jon said that Liam was so excited...his first concert...and doing it with Dad! Liam wants to go back tonight but Jon doesn't like who's playing. So Liam went off to Papa's tonight for a sleepover!
Miss Summer will be sleeping over with me, in my bed...we have never done this before...we usually do camp-outs in the living room, where she'll sleep on the floor and I on the couch...but she wants to snuggle with me in my we are kicking Daddy out of his bed and he can sleep in the couch or in Liam's bed! Tee hee! I hope that Summer is not a puncher or kicker in her sleep. Liam is. Last Summertime...(see how I have to distinguish between Summer, my daughter and Summer the season!!!)...we went camping in a tent and Liam punched me right in the check in his sleep...he's a maniac when he sleeps...he fell out of his bed just last night...poor little guy. He's a go'er...never stops...never stops talking either...even talks in his sleep!

Ok, enough about them. I can go on and on....I love them so much!

Enjoy your Saturday night...I'm going to!!!


Thursday, July 8, 2010

I have not fallen off the face of the earth!

I'm still here. Here trying to beat the heat with my kids. Wow, it's HOT!! Right now it is storming. Oh, wait I gotta check the chicken...don't go anywhere I'll be right back..........Ok, I 'm back and the chicken has been's doing ok.

I'm finding the days busier then ever having Liam home from times I find myself trying hard to keep them apart...they like to argue these days! Well, one minute they are argueing then I sent them for timeouts in their bedrooms to separate thing I know one of them is in the other's room tee hee'ing and getting along because they think that they are getting away with something...but hey, as long as they are getting along...they can think that!

This card was inspired by...have to look up her name...Jo Ann P.

Oh I have to check the chicken again.............good thing I checked he wasn't doing so good!

This card was made using the Vintage Wall Embossing Folder and the Hostess Level 1 stamp set Because I care. I used Whisper White and Baja Breeze cardstock and Early Espresso classic ink.

I am hoping with all my heart that I can get some time in my studio tonight!!!

Gotta chicken needs me!


Saturday, July 3, 2010

My Digital Studio

I don't have my camera with me today, so I can't take pic's of anything I've made. So instead I went looking for projects I've made already and have a picture luck. When I'm taking pictures of the kids I always have a scrapbooking in mind. I found these pictures of Summer and thought...I could make a digital scrapbook page to share with you...and I don't need my camera. I made this page in 15 min. So quick and easy-peasy!!

I need to do more of these!!! I have lots of photos like these, perfect for scraping photo's, from little photo sessions... maybe on those nights when the kids have worn me out so much that I'm too tired to even go down to my studio, I can scrap these pages on my laptop.

The New Catalogue is LIVE!!! That' means you can order form it now!! I placed my first order yesterday...I have to remind myself that the catalogue is good for 1 whole year! Pace myself!!! And I'm having a hard time falling asleep at night with all the ideas swirling around in my head! I think my hubby's gonna ask me to sleep on the couch tonight!

We are going swimming today at my in-laws...they were away for a couple of weeks and decided not to open the pool until they came now the pool in ready...but very cold!!! They kids are in for a surprize there!

Have a great Saturday!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Canada Day!!!

Oh Canada! Oh what fun! We enjoyed the parade this morning...beautiful weather for it! We went down to the beach. The kids had fun...we should have thought to bring bathing suits! Usually we leave right after the parade to get Summer down for a nap but we stayed longer at the park and checked out the festivities. She is napping now though. We are going to see the fireworks tonight and that makes for a very last night and one grumpy girl...without the nap. So we'll give her anothe 45 mins or so and then we are off to a BBQ with friends! Can't wait!

So let me see....what do I have to share with you today...I'm thinking this one!
I love this box. I sent this one in for a SU contest...I'm broken hearted it did not win : (
Mostly because I don't have it any more. They keep all of the entries. It was a lot of work.
Someday I'll make another. Maybe I will see it at Convention!!! They have a ton of diaplays there...I've seen pic's. I will take another pic's of it if it's on display!

Guess what? Our new catalogue is LIVE!!
Want to see it? Click can even put in an order!
I'm still deciding on what I want now and what will have to wait!!!
Enjoy the new catalogue!

Happy Catalogue Day!! Tee hee, I meant to say Happy Canada Day!!