Friday, April 30, 2010

On this night 4 years ago....

I was sooooo huge, pregnant with our baby girl! She was 6 days late. My husband had been sleeping on the couch (a not so comfy pull out!) for about 6 weeks by this point and ready to get his bed back! My labor pains started at 5:09 am...I remember thinking that my maternity undies band was irritating my tummy....I checked the time...5:09....wnet back to sleep....then again at 5:19....then one more time at 5:32am. I took those three times for me to get a clue! Every night, for days weeks prior, when I'd get up to pee (you know how that goes) and creek the floors, Jon would hear me and think "Its's time". But this time it was...finally time!
2 midwives, 1 midwife student, 1 ER nurse, my hubby, my Mom and my best ambulance, two ambulance attendents, one nosy planned homebirth! One baby healthy girl finally arrived at 3:05pm.
Then.... three more abulances, one that lost it's breaks and ended up down the for me, then the third to pick up the attendents from the first! So now we are at 2 midwives, one midwife student, 1 ER nurse, my hubby, my Mom, my best friend, 6...count them...1,2,3,4,5,6 abulance attendents on on my front lawn to take one Mommy to the Hospital with one serious problem!

It's called Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction. Google it and read the symptoms, if you dare. I just did and it made me cry just now...because I had all of the symptoms and it makes me sad to think that it wasn't diagnosed before labour and delivery....and positions during labour and delivery that was suggested I put myself in most likely made it much worse. I could not lift my leg to walk. I spent two days in the hospital...made to walk with a walker...taught how to use the walker to get up stairs so that I could get myself up the stairs and into my house! Then they sent me home...with my newborn baby and two legs not working....excrutiating pain! And NO outside help! I had my dear husband and my Mom. Thank you God for them...but sooooo difficult on them. They put a low bed in my living room for me and my Mom slept on the couch for a week. When Summer woke in the night Mom would get up, get me up and sitting, get the baby up to hand to me to nurse, then Mom would change her and put us both back to bed. My husband had a week off. Poor guy. Having to take care of me and the baby and our 2 1/2 year old son...who life was turned upside down and was very mad at me for a very long time. I couldn't do anything for Liam. I couldn't even walk with the baby in my arms because I had to use a walker to get around. When Jon went back to work after his week off my Mom went home....and in the mornings when Summer woke up I couldn't get her out of the crib and walk with her so I'd call my Mom from my bed and tell her that she need to come now. She would come from her house and get Summer out of bed and bring her to me to nurse her. It all was really awful. But the light in all of it was Summer. She was a very good baby. I thank God for her...I love her so much. She was worth every bit of it though.
I thank God for Jon and my Mom too.
One cane...8 months of physio amazing physio thereapist (that had this exact injury from soccer...Jim Tsprallis) and one wonderfully supportive family...I survived the injury...but I had a wicked dose of Post Partum Depression. One wonderful support group...St. Clair Child and Youth Centre....I survived the PPD too.
And can you believe this is the short version....I started this post before midnight on the 29th. All of this seems so long ago...but just like yesterday at the same time. I love my daughter sooooo much and I can't even imagine my like without her. So Happy Happy Birthday my Summer Girl!!! I love you.
Thank you for letting me reminese.
I'm sorry I don't have a card to share today...they cards I have made are for swaps...and I don't want to share them just yet. I will be busy with the kids tomorrow. Summer and I had a whole day of Mommy and daughter shopping to do but Liam went to bed with a fever tonight so we'll see how that plays out. I'll be back in a day or two. Thanks for stopping in!

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