Saturday, April 17, 2010

Happy Saturday!

Summer and I went out clothes shopping today with our girlfriends. Her little girlfriend, Sara, is 9 days older then Summer. But Summer is huge compared to petite Sara. Sara is in a size 2-3...I was buying clothes for Summer in 5-6's. Amazing how they are so different. Summer and Liam are now in the same size pants and shirts and they are three years apart in age.  We had so much fun! Shopping and lunch.The girls had on little sequenced princess cute!

Here is a cute card I made the other using a New Summer Mini stamp set called Bouquet Bunch. This stamp set comes with a flower pot, a vase and a tree trunk, stems, a bunch of leaves and a this bouquet bunch of leaves and flowers, a tiny little bird and squirrel. I think that it is a very versitile stamp set. So many thing that you can do with one stamp here is one and I'm going to make more to show you...using the other stamps in this set.

I'm going to get some scrappin' done now...enjoy the day...even though it is very cold today!

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