Monday, March 22, 2010

Today's project....

I had a little idea....for something small....but Ohhhh, soooo cute! I've had this idea rolling aroung in my head for awhile now but I needed to visit the today when Summer and I where out... (looking for ANT traps...I hate ants....mostly just when they are in my house!!! I had been sucking them up with the vacuum this morning...because they don't squish well. But now they are taken care of!)....sorry I got side tracked there...we went to the Dollarama and found these little things I was wanting to make this Ohhhh, soooo cute project! So here it is....what do you think?....

I just used a pair of pliers to take off the stems of the brad and adhered a magnet (Dollarama...gotta love it!) to the back using a Glue's that simple. These are Stampin' Up!'s Real Red 1/2" Sending Love Epoxy Brads. You get 16 of them in a package for only $6.95. The magnets are a whole buck and you get 18 of them. What a fantastic inexpensive gift! It will make a great Teacher's Gift! Oh, oh, oh!!! Now I have an idea for another project...stayed tuned for that...I'll need to go to the Dollarama again! Have an enjoyable night!

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