Monday, March 22, 2010

Happy Monday!

Back to school! Back to getting up early :( . I do miss Liam when he is gone....when he is off school it remindes me of when he was smaller and I had him all to myself...I miss those days, they grow too fast. It was much easier to entertain him then though! Now he bores easily! Big day for Summer. If you know my daughter then you know that she stutters. Today we are going to see a Speech Pathologist about it. I hope that she will grow out of it. Life is hard when you are young...and kids are mean. She starts school in September. I won't be there to translate for her. When people don't understand what she is saying she gets very frustrated. So instead of telling her that we are going to see someone about the way she talks...I just told her that we are going to see a friend of mine so she doesn't get nervous. I don't even think she understands that she has a problem with her speech. But you know how kids get when they think they are going to see the doctor. I'll let you know how it goes.
I don't have a card for you yet today....hopefully I'll get some time in my studio later today....check back later. Enjoy the day! Here's a pic of Summer....being all sweet!

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