Thursday, March 25, 2010

I have been running all day!!!

First I had to get Liam off to school.... then Summer off for the day with her grandparents....then to the to my Mom's for brunch and Cappacino's (which we haven't done in was very nice...I think when Summer goes to school in Sept., we'll be doing that much more often!) then out shopping for material from the quilt store (3 stores later) with my friend to get material for our Scallop Square Ragged Purse Class (I enjoyed shopping with J...and the class is Tuesday night, the 30th, with some open seats...basic sewing...also we're using the Big Shot!)....and back to the school to pick up Liam...home to wait for Summer...then up to the Hospital to welcome my new nephew, A.J., then out to pick up some dinner for my brother...finally home to see my kids before bed. Long day...but a good one. I even ran into the midwife that attended Summer's homebirth....almost four years since I've seen her. She will always remember Summer's didn't go exactly according to plan...and she didn't come easily into this world. But we are all here today happy and healthy. So enough about my's a good thing I saved the second card I made yesterday to post today!

It's similar to a couple of cards I've posted recently. I added a couple of different colours to my pink and brown colour scheme! lol! Maybe I can make something new tonight...if the kids go to bed easily! If I still have a little energy! Have a great evening.

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