Friday, March 19, 2010

My Stampin' Up Story....

I've been scrapbooking since Jon and I got married in 2001. I started with our wedding pictures. I didn't reallt know what I was sister-in-law is American and had been scrappin' for years....she showed me some of her scrapbooks. So I had some ideas. I started collecting supplies. Tons of patterned paper, lots of stickers...remember those? I use stamps instead of stickers now. As the years past I was very frustrated with the fact that I had all this patterned papers and no matching cardstock. I would take my patterned paper back to the scrapbook store to try and match it up with cardstock...usually with no luck. Then in September of 2007 My girlfriend hosted a Stampin' Up! workshop and invited me to go. I sat with that catalogue so quietly....just taking it all in. Wow, they have cardstock that matches exactly to the patterned paper! And not just one colour to match the paper....but lots of colour choices! And there is ribbon to match and ink that matches and....all of it matches! Now I'm excited. I brought my catalogue home and studied it. I then figued that if I wanted to have all this matching product then I would be spending lots of money! So why not become a demonstrator and get a discount on my purchses. When you become a demo you are only required to do $400 in sale in three months....well, I knew I could very easily do that! So I found the demonstrator that had done my girlfriends' workshop and asked her about one million questions!!! And in May of 2008 I joined the Stampin' Up! family. It has changed my life! I started with an Open House to introduce my friends and family to my new love! For your first order as a demonstrator your get 30% off your purchase or if it's a workshop order then you get 30% instant income...what? I get to make money to spend on more Stampin' Up! product? Whooo hoooo! Then a girlfriend hosted a workshop for me...then I did another and another...and then those women I met wanted to get together once a month so I started a club. I joined just for the discount! Now I was making a little money just by getting together with my friends! So this May I will have been a demonstrator for 2 years...I've won two Art Contestsand had my work published in our Stampin' Success Magazine, I currently have a team of five downlines, I've promoted three times and heading for my fourth! I have attended a Stampin' Up! seminar.........OMissGosh! It's like 500 Stampin' Up! crazed women!!! So much fun! This summer in July I will be attending Stampin' Up!'s Convention in Salt Lake City, and in January I will be attending Leadership Convention in Nashville! Soon I will be able to do this full-time. I am having the time of my life. I have meet some of the most amazing people because of Stampin' Up! first downline and I have become very close friends, and one of my customers...that I never would have met...has become on of my closest friends. And I just joined for the discount! But I have gotten so much more! Thanks for listening to my Stampin' Up Story.

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