Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Crazy Day!

Adding a few pictures has been on my list of things to do today....but sometimes the days doesn't go as I plan! I had to take my Dad to his appointment at the hospital today for a scope...I have a club tonight...so I had to get my studio tidied up before I took him at 11:30am. The hospital was supposed to call at 1:45pm to say that he needs picked up...they called at 2pm to say that he hasn't gone in yet...he'll be done at 3pm...but I have to get Liam from school at 3:15pm...all the while Summmer usually goes for a nap around 1pm...but I couldn't put her down because Dad was supposed to be ready at 1:45pm. So at 1:45 she asked if she could lay down on the couch for a nap...not a good idea! Now she's exhausted...she had a melt down...finally fell asleep at 2:45pm. Now I have to wake her in 5 mins to go and get Liam from school...then go up to the hospital to get my Dad! And to top it all off, I'm waiting for Mr. Brown to drop off an order today that has supplies for my club tonight...when I checked UPS website, it says my order has been rescheduled for tomorrow! Pray for me that I can make it throught the next few hours without losing it...grouchy Summer...groggy Dad....hungry Liam...stressed out me! Hopefully my husband comes home happy and patient for a girl who had no nap. And she's supposed to go to school fulltime in Sept. She'll never do without a nap! Thanks for listening...I feel a little better already!

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