Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Canada Day!!!

Oh Canada! Oh what fun! We enjoyed the parade this morning...beautiful weather for it! We went down to the beach. The kids had fun...we should have thought to bring bathing suits! Usually we leave right after the parade to get Summer down for a nap but we stayed longer at the park and checked out the festivities. She is napping now though. We are going to see the fireworks tonight and that makes for a very last night and one grumpy girl...without the nap. So we'll give her anothe 45 mins or so and then we are off to a BBQ with friends! Can't wait!

So let me see....what do I have to share with you today...I'm thinking this one!
I love this box. I sent this one in for a SU contest...I'm broken hearted it did not win : (
Mostly because I don't have it any more. They keep all of the entries. It was a lot of work.
Someday I'll make another. Maybe I will see it at Convention!!! They have a ton of diaplays there...I've seen pic's. I will take another pic's of it if it's on display!

Guess what? Our new catalogue is LIVE!!
Want to see it? Click can even put in an order!
I'm still deciding on what I want now and what will have to wait!!!
Enjoy the new catalogue!

Happy Catalogue Day!! Tee hee, I meant to say Happy Canada Day!!


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  1. This is so beautiful! I would be sad, too, that it didn't win (& someone else got to keep such a wonderful item).