Friday, July 30, 2010

Backyard camp out!

So finally we have a nice night and the time to have a family backyard camp out! The tent is up! Not an easy job. It only took us an hour. And the kids were great! Very helpful.

And for this special occasion I made home made pizza...a family favorite. I make the pizza dough from scratch...but I use the bread maker to kneed the dough. Liam and Summer both helped roll out the dough.
My handsom guy! He was so happy to be able to do the rolling...I'm kinda a control freak...yes, I admit it. I don't like the extra mess that the kids can sometimes make...he did a great job and there was no extra mess.
My hands were full of flour when Summer took her turn so I missed getting the pic.
She got bored fast and went to finish watching her movie...

Liam always has this really cheesy smile when I take his I have to get him to say funny words so that he has a sort of normal expression on his his pic he said "pizza, pizza"!
I had Summer said pickles and peanut butter! She thought that was very funny.
Well, they are starting to fill the tent with lots of stuff and I'm feeling like I better go take control of that situation before they have their whole rooms put into it!!

Oh and my Mom was in the USA for a few days and she brought back the BIGGEST marshmallows ever! It's like three marshmallows in one! We are going to roast those tonight and try to make smores out of them. I think the kids will need a bath before bed! Remember the Marshmallow Man from Ghostbuster? I think Liam will look like that...he gets soooooo messy from one normal sized marshmallow. I'll share that pic with you tomorrow.

Okay I'm going now...wish me luck tonight! This should be interesting!


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