Saturday, July 31, 2010

Icky Sticky!!!

Our family camp out was great! The kids were so good and we all had so much fun! These are the marshmallows I promised you a picture of...
Liam dissappointed me...I thought he'd have gotten a whole lot messier!

Summer had some issues know when you roast a marshmallow the outside is toasty and brown then when you take a bite the inside pushes out the backside....well, that's what happened to her. Then it ended up on the ground, then she stepped in it and then there was this stringy marshmallowy mess! Then Liam went into the house to get washed up and left a stick mess on the door nob! Oh what fun! Thanks Mom for the Giant marshmallows! I owe you one!

We washed up and put out the campfire and went into the tent to play games...cause the kids just really want to play in the tent! So we played Candyland...Summer's favorite. Then some UNO for Liam.  Finally all tucking into bed. Liam and I shared an air mattress...we waited until Daddy and Summer went to sleep then whispered stories to each other. In the night he kept creeping onto my side of the bed...once I nudged him and he said "That's my jet pack." I wonder what kind of wonderful things he was dreaming about.
Everyone was up at 3:30am to go in for a potty break...then took awhile to get back to sleep!
If the weather clears up the kids and I will camp out again tonight...poor Jon has to work OT on
Sunday and Monday : (  I think he'll be happy to have the bed and the house all to himself!

I'm know that you come here to see a card...sorry I don't have one for you today.
Thank you for letting me go on about my kids.
 I have been in my studio all day working on some beautiful projects but I cannot share these with you yet. I'm sorry...they are marked private and confidential! I can tell you that I'm covered in glitter...and if you know me well, you'll know that I am not happy about being covered in glitter! Oh the price we pay for fame...never mind!

Have a great night! I will work on something that I can share with you!



  1. Looks like so much fun. I shared these giant marshmallows with my grandkids last month. Sticky, Icky wonderful!

  2. You have beautiful kids and you are a natural at blogging. What a gift. Enjoy the summer.

    Love your blog and projects by the way.

    Take good care, Pauline