Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sniff, sniff...I'm home...

I made it home from Convention safe and sound...long day yesterday. Sad to leave...I had so much fun! But sooooooooooo happy to be home to see my family. I missed the kids so much that I woke them up to hug and kiss them! Jon is happy I'm back too! He kept the kids busy and they were very good for him. And only a few tears at night for Mommy. I am so lucky to have this man as my best friend and husband!!! He took the week off to be with the kiddies so that I could go away!

Convention...can I say WOW!!! Stampin' Up! is so amazing. They did a fantastic job!!! 2800 demonstrators attended! The SU Staff was wonderful and friendly and warm and inviting! I had a fantastic job! There was a 60's themed party, a game show, PRIZE PATROL (where they pull out a patterned bracelet and if it matched win a prize!!! I won yesterday before we left!!!) and Momento Mall and Shelli! I had my picture taken with her and her husband...she was so sweet and kind! So much fun!!!!!!!  I think that everyone that loves SU should become a demo just to be able to experience Convention! So if you have ever thought about becoming a demonstrator now really is the time...for a million reasons...but SU added an even better reason to do it now...if you want to know more.....I'll tell you, but you have to contact me!

I have about 900 pic's of Convention...I'm just guessing but I wouldn't be surprized! I'll post some this week.

I met so many wonderful demonstrators and made a few new friends...I'd like to say hi to...Kelly N from SLC (can't wait to see you!!!) , Melba B from New Jersey, and Alex H from RC and lots more that I couldn't remember their names :(

Well, my mind is swimming with ideas! Can't wait to get some creating done! I get to hang with the family tomorrow and my friend is coming for coffee!! Can't wait...

Have a great night...

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