Saturday, September 4, 2010

"A Year of Memories" Scrapbook started!!!

So this is what I have been busy working on....My "Year of Memories" Scrapbook"! So I made scrapbooks of my kidlets every year to give as gifts to my parents, in-laws and my brother-in-law and his wife. And this year I decided I wanted one for myself. Now I am making 4! I have the 4 of my title page finished and the pieces cut for the Dec 2009 and Jan 2010 layouts but only one of each finished! I am hoping to work on them on the night of this Scrapbook Class!

So here they are...
This is Christmas morning 2009. They kids were so excited! This was the first year that Summer really "got" it. When we just had Liam my parents would spend Christmas morning with us...but now there are lots of grand children and two of my three brothers live out of parents are usually busy with one of my brothers visiting homw or visiting one of my brothers out of town :( .SO I know that they'll love these pictures of moments they missed.

January fun! My birthday is in January so the top left pic was just after the kids and hubby sang Happy Birthday to me. My hubby made my birthday dessert! It wasn't cake either. This sweetie made me a peanut butter cheesecake with oreo cookie crust...OMGoodness it was awesome...Jon you rock!
Next pic's are Liam and Summer skating...Summer's first time!! and the next page is one morning that Liam was in school and it was just SUmmer and I home...sniff, sniff....she was out in the snow. I was taking secret pic's of her thru the window....then I saw her eating the snow off her mittens....I went out to offer her a snack but she said that the snow would do!

There are 8x8 pages. I always use wallet sized photo's that I print that I can put 3-4 pic's per page. I choose my favorite pic's of the kids and whatever the may have done that month.

So these will be the first pages we'll be making in my "A Year of Memories" Scrapbook Class (class 1 of 4). By early December, when the last class will'll have a completed 8x8 Year of Memories Scrapbook...and I'll have 4! Whoo hooo.....I am so excited for this class. Not sure who to make one for?....keep it for yourself... or make it for the grandparents...or the family member that lives out of town! You'll be so happy that you did it! A completed scrapbook!!!! How many do you have that are "not completed" or "a work in progress"????? The class starts later in me fo rmore details!

Have a great long weekend!
We are actually off to my in-laws End-of Summer pool party! Crazy because it is cold here today! He says the water is warm....yeah, that's because the air is so cold! I'm not going in!
I get to watch and be the life guard!


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