Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I'm still here...

I'm sorry that you have come to visit to see some new creations and there haven't been any! This back to school this is so hard and very time consuming!
Liam has made it through two full days back to school...he got punched today...poor little guy...get to figure all that out tomorrow...he told the "staff" at recess but his teacher didn't find out until I was asking him in the hallway today if he'd been crying today because he had a streak of dirt near his know that dirty hand wiping the tears away? His teacher happen to over hear us talking. Liam didn't know the boys name and thinks this boy is in his he is to point out the boy tomorrow morning. A "no hands on policy" my tush! Every beginning of school something like this happenes to him...lucky for me he still likes school.
Miss Summer has her first day tomorrow. I'm so sad! She's gonna cry, then I'll cry, then she'll cry more cause I'm's gonna be messy! You know as hard as I try I can't control the tears. She had a hugh meltdown tonight...I had to shower her while she was screaming...poor hubby had to leave the room because of her screaming...what the neighbor's must think! I put her to bed at 6:30. Poor girl. After I finally got her settled we were chatting about school tomorrow...(she has been excited so far) but when I told her that I would take her nap for her in her bed she started to cry and said that she wanted to stay home with me :(
The only reason I said it is because she has been telling me that I can play with her toys and watch her TV shows while she's at school, to give me stuff to do while I'm home alone...and it was her idea that I have a nap in her bed. This is so hard. I really don't even want to imagine what it will be like when she goes off to University or gets married and moves out...(thinking of you C.S.). Why do they have to grow up? I keep telling her to stop growing! And she says "Mommmyyy, I can't stop growing silly!". And if you know Summer then you know why I tell her to stop growing...she is 4 years old and she is the size of a 5-6 year old. Not kidding you! I just bought her some size 6 pants today...I just bought her 7 year old brother size 6 pants today too! They are both wearing size 2 shoes. They weigh the same. He is taller...Thank goodness for his sake!

Thanks for listening....and for listening I have a project for you! This is one of the projects I made for our "All Boxed Up for Christmas Event"...

It's a little scrapbook in a box! I haven't had time to scrap it, of course. It will fit wallet sized pictures...great little gift!

Thanks for stopping in!
I don't think I'll get any fun time tomorrow...I think I need to keep busy with some house work to keep my mind off my girl! And my boy!


  1. Your box is gorgeous - what a vibrant red!

    Sending you some courage for school day! I know of someone's kid losing their first tooth to gettng punched at school today. Liam is not alone!

    My aunt once said, "Even though my little girl has all grown up and has two girls of her own, when I look at her I see my 10 year-old little Annie who will always need her mommy!"

    It's true. You will always be needed!

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