Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Back to school.... :(

First day of school always makes me sad! Today Liam goes into grade 2...where does the time go? SUmmer has her interview with her teaches at 12:45 today...then Thursday will be her first day...all day :( . I am going to miss her terribly! She has been my side kick for ahwile now...what will I do without her? I know, I know, I'll get lots of things done...and I do look forward to all the extra time I'm going to have...but I would much rather have her here with me every other day then being gone all day every day....I don't know what our government was thinking...4 year old are too young for this. The only ones that really benefit are those parents that have been paying for daycare. They are all pretty happy. We'll see how it goes.

Liam is all ready for shcool this morning...lunch bag packed, back pack packed...dressed...I'm surprized he doesn't have his shoes on and waiting in the car! Miss Summer on the other hand is actually still sleeping! I think this is the latest she has slept in all summer long! Figures! I better go and get her up.

Wish me luck today! I'm gonna need it!

P.S. Sue G. good luck on your first day at your new job today! You'll do great! I'm proud of you!


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