Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Inventory Time!

I've been very busy working on my stamp inventory! Wow, I didn't realize how many...until I started stamping them. I made an inventory book out of an On Board 8.5x8.5 Chipborad Album (on the retired list!! and don't forget to get some extra page protectors!) and decorated the cover up with a Sunny Days Simply Scrappin' Kit. So cute! But it sure was a lot of work. I took all the retiring sets out of my cupboard... to make more room for all the new sets in the new catalogue...cause the are beautiful and I want them all! So I started from the front of the new catalogue and stamped the sets from start to finish! I has taken hours to do over days. Now I want to do all my retired sets that I just can't part with! I ordered another album and scrappin' kit just for that!!
 Why did I do all this??? Because it will make it so much easier to find my stamps...I know what sentiment I want to use but can't remember what set it is in! Now I'll know much quicker! And I won't have to get down on the floor to check the bottom shelves. I wished I'd done this from the beginning of my SU career...woundn't be so much work now! Oh well, now it will be done and I can just add the new sets as I get them and it win;t be quite so much work...unless....I but them all at once...just kidding...I have to keep reminding myself that this catalogue is good for a whole year!!
Have I told you that I'm going to Stampin' Up's Convention this year? I am so excited!!! It's in July in Slat Lake City, Utah. I've never been. I'm so excited!!! Oh, I said that already, hee hee. I get lots of free stamps sets there. They give us a bag of stuff, I hear. Can't wait...I've started counting down the weeks! I have never been on vacation by know, with out my hubby. Actually, except for Cuba in November...I've never actually had a vacation... but I have promised myself more vacations! Like Salt Lake City this Summer and Nashville in January and I'm really working to earn a cruise next May. Then I'll go back to Slat Lake City in July again...and you get the picture...I think a little down time is important...ok, I don't know how much relaxing I'll be doing but I know it will be tons of fun and stampin' and laughing. Can't wait!!

I'm sorry I gone on and on and at the end of all my ramblings I don't even have a card to share with you. I went down to my studio tonight at one point to take some pic's then I got side tracked...I forgot where I left my camera and forgot why I got side tracted until I found the carmera in the basement bathroom! That's not're gross...I had to get Summer out of the shower and get her dressed and then off to know how that goes...and you don't get back to what you were going to do for like hours...sometimes even days! Well the camera is still in the bathroom...I promise to take it out when I go down in the morning to do the wash. Then I'll take some pic's!!!

Thanks for stoppin' in. Happy Stampin'...Or should I say sweet dreams...I didn't realize how late it's already tomorrow!


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