Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Best Day!!

Yesterday I went with Liam on a class trip to the Children's Museum in London. So much fun! It is so amazing to see things through his eyes. There was so much to explore...he ran from here to there and back again! I had a group of four boys, 2 grade 1's and 2 grade 2's. Boy the sure have energy! Two of the boys in the group are brothers and their Dad was a chaperone with me as well. We were the only group to have two chaperones....and the only group with four boys!!! And boy did we need to two of us to keep up with these boys!!! Most of the pic's I took had other kiddies in the pic's and I cannot share them with out permission...but I was able to get a couple of Liam alone...I'd like to share with you...
Liam in the Space room...

Liam and the Inukshuk...
There was three floors of things to see. But way too many stairs!
I just love getting to spend the day with him alone...minus the 100 other kiddies around! I mean without Summer...no offense to her, but with two there is not alot of one on one time with him. I love to see how he interacts with his teacher and his classmates. He is very well mannered when speaking to others...I love that!

I will be back later to share a card...I just have to go and make one...or retake pic's of some. The SD card was full and I had to upload them to the main computer and deleted them off the SD card...so now I'll retake some pic's of cards to share with you.

I spent Sunday making a gift for Liam's teacher..it turned out great! I think she's going to love it! But the other day I shared my blog address with her and I don't want to ruin her surprize....so I'll take pic's of it today and share those on Friday.

I'll be back!

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