Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Mr.Brown came!!!

But he made me wait most of the day!!! I left to get Liam from school and Mr. Brown came while I was away!

I'm so excited! This catalogue is fantastic...you are gonna love it!!! I CANNOT share any part of it online....not what is staying, what is going, what is new, or pricing. But I CAN tell you it is amazing!!!  I love Stampin' Up!, did you know? What's that? I haven't said it enought? Really? Ok then.....I LOVE SU! I LOVE SU! I LOVE SU! There, how was that? I love the samples in this catalogue...the artwork is amazing!!! Okay, I'm sorry, you must be so jealous now. I'm not being very nice, am I? Well I won't talk about it anymore. I'll keep it to myself...I might just explode though. What a mess that would be! I better put the catalogue away so that I don't get it messy!! Sorry, I talked about it again, didn't I? I just said I wouldn't. I'd better go then...and drool over my catalogue again before I go to bed. OMG, again! Okay. I'm done. Good night!

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