Friday, May 14, 2010

Here's one of my many penny spinners...

I just love these cards...the penny can put anything on the spinning piece...the possibilities are truly endless. I managed to take some photos for you. These are cards I made some time ago..I haven't made one in awhile...but on Sunday we are making these in my workshop!

I'm finally all finished my swaps...24 cards and nine 3D objects! I've been working like mad on them. But they turned out even better then I'd hoped. I can't wait to share them with you. I hope to post them on Sunday.
Tonight I get to go to work.... UGG! And tomorrow is my All-Day meeting in London...sooooo excited, and Sunday, my workshop...Monday, my very own downline meeting!!! Busy, know how that goes. And to top it all off Summer is now fevered! Poor girl! At least we know what to expect as Liam had this last week. I am hoping that what I'm feeling is just "tired" and that I'm not coming down with this Flu too! I have no time to be sick...and with kids not allowed to really rest like I'd need too! No rest for the sick Mommies of the world!!!
I hope that you enjoy the penny spinners!!! Be back on Sunday!

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