Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Mr. Brown came today with a box of "Christmas" presents for me!!!

Really, he did! The box is full of Christmas stamps and ribbon and DSP and buttons and GLITTER! Yes, I am excited about glitter...I am not usually a fan of glitter at all!! But this glitter is Glass Glitter and it is supposed to be not-so-messy! I'll let you know how that works out. I'm hoping that I will get to play with my new stuff tomorrow...hoping and praying. Did I mention FABRIC? yes, Stampin' Up! is making fabric....oh, I am sooooooo excited about the fabric.

Tomorrow Summer has an appointment with the speech pathologist. She stutters. Her speech has been so good lately. But there are some problems with her phonics, for example she'll say "Gog" instead of Dog and "Yiam" instead of Liam. Things like that. So tomorrow they are going to do some therapy with her to help her with this. She needs the help so that when she is in JK in September her peers and teacher can understand her. I've had to do a lot of translating for her to others...even her grandparents. So hopefully she enjoys this visit and it helps her.

Did somebody say school? I just have to say that, as terrible as this may sound, I can't wait for the kids to go to school. I know, I'm a terrible Mom. I feel like it....but I also know that I am not the OLNY one that feels this way. The kids won't stop arguing with each other! They are driving me CRAZY!!! Really CRAZY!!! They cannot be in the same room together without arguing. I'm trying to keep them busy but one moment of inactivity....and "MOM, she's touching me!" and "MOM, he's yelling at me!" because she stuck her foot in his face and now wonders why he is yelling at her to stop! OMGoodness....I want them both to stop!!! I love my kidlets, don't get me wrong....love them to pieces...just a little stressed with the constant arguing. So we had a heart to heart tonight and a big long time out in their rooms. I think the HEARD my words. Not because I yelled them, but because I spoke them softly with tears in my eyes..."Mommy can't take anymore. You need to treat your sister with love, you need to respect what I say, you need to be the nice, sweet, loving boy that I know you are." And for Summer...well, she's four. I can't use too many words with her or I lose her. So no candy for Summer...that's her currency. "No candy until you behave and be nice to your brother and listen to what Mommy says." Gold stars for both when I catch them being nice to each other and listening to me. Gold stars that they can cash in on Friday nights, candy for Summer and $ for Liam...that's his currency...cash for toys. So pray for me that I survive another day of Summer holidays. Pray for strength and patience for me. Because I really truly need it. I'm not the only one, right?!

Thanks for letting me vent...I do feel better now. Stamping would be good for me. I need to stamp...stamping makes everything better right? That's why we do it! So tomorrow I will try to stamp...after the appointment and sometime before the day is over. I will share what I make. Thank you for stopping in and lending me your ear. I really do appreciate it.


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