Saturday, January 22, 2011

Reminds me of Gramma...

I love our New Springtime Vintage very much reminds me of vintage fabric used in quilting...something my Grams would have used for sure! When she passed a few years ago my Mom recieved quilts made by my Gramma. Three of the quilts were finished and one was still in the quilting stage. My Gramma told me when she was working on this very quilt that her Mother had pieced it, she was handquilting it and wanted my Mom and I to work on it with her. Well, we never got that chance. But now that we have the quilt we can finish it together, my Mom and I. Then this quilt will have been made by four generations. I look forward to doing that someday. We should make a plan before ths time gets away on us.

The Quilt Block on this card is the Dresden Plate. It was my Gramma's favorite quilt block...I think that maybe it had something to do with the fact that she grew up in Dresden, Ontario. And my Great Grandmother was a well known quilter in her time and had made over 100 quilts in her life (she lived to 91 years old!) It is a pretty block design. I am really happy with the way this card turned out! I know Grams would have love this card!! So I dedicate it to her....I really miss her.

Thanks for stopping by today...I will share another tomorrow!!

Have a great Saturday night at my house! Gotta get the popcorn made...YUM!!


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  1. I LOVE this card! Being a quilter myself, (been years since I've made one) this caught my eye right away. I've actually made two of these Dresden designs in the past. One with aquas and one with creams and pinks, very similar to the rose pattern in that particular DSP. How did you make each cut so precise? Do you have a particular punch? I'm dying to make this! Thanks for sharing! It's so pretty and your story only makes it prettier!