Thursday, January 13, 2011

My son is too young to date!

Last week Liam came home from school telling me of how a girl in his class has this OLDER sister....and he over heard her whisper to the younger sister that she thinks Liam is CUTE!! You should have seen the look on his face as he was telling me about this. He was all know that smile...the one that says "a girl has a crush on me". So I say "Well, I think you are a bit young for that kind of thing, eh?" Then on Monday he tells me that the same OLDER sister whispers the same thing again....he said to me with that silly smile "Mom, I think that I AM too young for dating...I'm only ALMOST 8 years old!" He isn't even sure how "old" she is...just that she is the "older" sister to the girl in his class. Then today he said that he saw her again and once again she said it again. So we are walking to the car and he's telling me about it and he says "Well, I am NOT getting married until I am at least 25!" Very smart!! I thought that he might say something like "at least not until I am 16". But he tells me tonight that he will start dating when he is 16 and married at 25....then he asked me when I started dating.......anyhooo, on to my card!

These are a coupl of the cards we'll be making in mt Stamp-a-Stack of Birthday cards on January 28th.
I am holding a morning class and an evening me to reserve you seat.

I am off to get Mr. Liam to bed...

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