Thursday, July 21, 2011

Club Cards....

These are this months club cards....
also we made the 50th Birthday from the previous post.

Sorry it's a quick post. I am exhausted but cannot sleep. My Dad is in the hospital tonight. He went to help my brother (that lives in McHernry, Illinois, the other side of Chicago) remove a tree that had fallen on his house. Well, Dad fell off the roof and has a fractured pelvis. He did not want to be admitted to a hospital in the US so my brother drove him back home (6 hour drive that they had just done the night before) to be admitted early this morning. He is bumped and bruised and in some pain. There was some internal bleeding has that has stopped and he will not need surgery. Crazy man is 63 yrs old but thinks he is'd think by now he's have outgrown that notion!

Please keep my my in your thoughts.

Thanks for stoppin' in!


  1. We just got this invitation for Joanna and Mike wedding and I liked it a lot, very original. I googled who did it and it looks like You are Mikes sister so maybe we will meet each other in October. We knew about your father from Joanna and we are sorry and wish him well. See you at the wedding. Maria