Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Counting down to Alaska...

Hiya!! I am getting so excited!! I am counting down the days to the Stampin' Up! Alaskan Incentive Cruise. 10 days left! Knowing for almost one year that I would be going has been killer. I have been sitting on my excitement as not to upset my children who will not be joining us.

I have been busy busy getting all the things done on my checklist...I have to pick up my two formal dresses today, I already picked up my hubby's suit and I found Sea Bands and childrens gravol...I get sick in the car...oh, I hope that I don't feel too sick on the boat...that would suck! I have new shoes, a new hairdo, new make up even!!

We are still trying to narrow down our "want to do" list for shoe excursions. That's been a hard one. There are lots of thing that we want to do and see in Alaska...I have always wanted to go there!! My husband and I are celebrating our 10 year Wedding Anniversary on May 19th, the day before we set sail. I am so lucky to be able to earn this amazing trip. I could not have done it without my husbands' hard work (taking care of the kiddes while I am teaching a class, cooking, cleaning and laundry!). So he has earned this cruise too. I get to give this gift to him for 10 wonderful years together and two beautiful children!!

I am sorry that I do not have any cards to camera is full of pic's of the kiddies. I have to get that downloaded soon. I have been creating cards though. I promise to take pic's and get them posted soon. I also want to share a picture of the gift Stampin' Up! sent me with all my cruise info in! Just gotta get the camera done!

Oh, I wanted to share that I have a job interveiw tomorrow! This is for a position at a company that I worked at 10 years ago. I worked in a chem lab as a temp employee and my contract ended three months before my wedding. So here we are now, 10 years, two kids later and I am so hoping to get this job. I loved working there. Many of the great staff are still there too! So please keep me in your thoughts!

Hope that you are enjoying the is beautiful, sunny and warm here in Sarnia, Ontario!!


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  1. All the best on your interview! I'm glad you are going on the cruise. The two of you have earned it after 10 years! My in-laws have been on an Alaskan cruise twice and they highly recommend the Glacier Walk. I agree, since, you never know, those glaciers might not always be there to experience!