Monday, November 29, 2010


So finally I have a projects to post and the time to post. Thank you for returning to my blog...Thank you for sticking with me.

I was blog hopping this morning and I came across a card made by a designer name K Warner. She uses some SU products but she is not a demonstrator....I love her work. So I cased her card. Where she did not use any SU product on hers...I used only SU product on mine....and I so love how it turned out!!!

Love it!!!
I used the Clear Circle Die to cut the circle card and the Circle Scissors Plus to cut the Polka Dot DSP. I used the Bella Toile Background Stamp with Very Vanilla Craft ink and clear embossing powder on the Early Espresso Scallop Circle. I used the Champagne Glass Glitter with Tombow that glitter!!! I used a piece of Sticky Strip to adhere the Chantilly Crochet Trim.

I am thinking of making more but instead of making them into cards I will just not add the Scallop Circle to the Circle card base and add a gold elastic sting to hang them!!

Wait I have more to share with you!! These are the Stamp-a-stack Cards I promised you. I changed up a couple of these from the first class....I am holding another tomorrow night...there are still seats open!!! Contact me to reserve your seat (and cut your supplies!!).

This above card I originally made with a Crumb Cake Card Base....but I found that the images didn't stamp as nicely as on the Very Vanilla so I changed that!
Ooops I forgot to stamp the matching wheel across the bottom! I made the ornament 3D on this cute! It folds down to put in the envelope.
This card I love in Blushing Bride....but I had a request to do it in Baja Breeze...I am waiting for the snowflake die to arrival from my Mom...she borrowed it this weekend....boy I gotta get her to purchase her own Big Shot and dies!!
This one I am leaving just as it simple and cute!!
This is my original card...but in the firt class we sprayed it with Champagne Mist paint that I mixed into a bottle of hairspray! Makes a beautiful Shimmer on it!! Yes, that's right! Make your own Shimmer Spray! Just pour the contents of the bottle of paint, including the little ball for mixing, into a bottle of haispray....I just picked up a bottle at the Discount store! This will last forever!!! Give it a try!!
We used it on the Blushing Bride Snowflake card with the Frost White Shimmer Paint!

On to other Jon and I said our vows in the Church on Friday and had the kidlets baptized! It was wonderful!!  It really was like getting married all over again! And having the kids baptized was the whole point of all of this...and to be honest it was a dream come true for me. I don't have the pictures yet. My Mom took the pictures that day and she is sending them over later. I'll share those soon.

Thanks for stopping in today!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

2 Days left for....

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Hope that you had a great weekend!!


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

So I have this Demonstrator friend....

And she actually gave me a hard time last night in an email for not posting projects on my blog in forever! I know that I have been very absent for here. I have been so busy...this time of year is crazy!! I have done a couple of Craft Sales and a workshop and a couple of Stamp-a-stacks...and I do work a little outside of the home too. Even though some weeks it's only twice, it still takes my time away.

So I want to share with you what my family and I will be doing on Friday. My Husband, of 9 years, is celebrating his 37th Birthday....and on this same day we are having our children baptised...and we are getting MARRIED!!.....Hmmmmmm.......did you catch that?? My Husband and I are getting MARRIED! I know, that doesn't make sense! Well, Jon and I didn't get married in the church...we got married in a really pretty gazebo at the venue just outside of town. We are legally married...but not in the church. So in order to get the kidlets baptised we have to say our vows in the church first. I think it is kinda fun to say our vows again....and with our children present! We are gathering some of our closest friends and family to come. And we get to celebrate all of this on one husbands' birthday!

So I have been running around town trying to find a Whisper White Dress for Summer....not an easy thing this time of year! All the dresses out there right now are more of a Very Vanilla (winter white)! But after 6 stores I found a beautiful Flower Girl dress for Summer! And a Whisper White sweater to cover up her arms!! They both were lucky finds.

A white dress shirt for Liam was a little easier to find but a whole lot harder to actually buy....we (my Mom and I) are in the big W**mart and the shirt will not scan...the price is right on the package....but this cashier calls for a price one comes....she calls one comes......I need to be at the school for my interview with Summers' teacher at noon (when we got into line we had 20 min to spare). So we are waiting....and waiting and no one ever comes...I ask the cashier "can't you just charge me $7 under the childrens dept?" and my Mom says "Jodi, why don't you go back and get another shirt?" Well first of all I don't work there and they are not paying me to do this job. I know this might come off sounding terrible but....I work in retail and customer service is the most important thing retail if you want your customers to come back...especially when we have all these store to choose from, right. So I run back there to the childrens dept and I notice an employee standing in an isle. I pass her and grab not 1 but 6 shirts (because I am not coming back for another one when this one won't scan) and as I pass that lady again I ask her "Do you work in the childrens dept?" and she says "yes", I say well, you were called for a price check twice...that's ok I got it now" she says "I called back and there was no one there" so I was really bad and said "That's ok, I'll do your job!"......but what really makes me mad is that as I walked away she shouted followed me and shouted down the next isle at me. You know I would have lost any retail job I have ever had if I'd yelled at a customer. Now I am not shopping there any more....I don't shop there much as it is...but I think that Toys R Us will get my money this Christmas. Back to my story....when I got up to the cash again with all 6 shirts (that I knew where not going to scan beacuse they were all the same) the cashier then tried to scan every one of them....I'm not saying that all of this was her fault...but she then asks the cashier next to her about what to do now and this other cashier then goes on to "TRAIN" her on how to enter it under the DEPT number!! Like I had suggested from the beginning....because I know there is a way to do this. But apparently she missed that part of her training or they didn't ever show her in the first place.....ok so that is my complaint for today!! Okay I'll share last years's not so bad. I go there to W**mart to get some mittens for the kids. I fund sime pink ones for Summer and they are $8 and a Blue pair for Liam and they are $5....EXACTLY the same mittens....hers are $3 more????? So I ask the employee that is there why the same gloves are $3 different in their know what she said to me??? "I think that the colour pink is harder to make so they charge more for it." I said to her in disbelief  "Did you just say that?" It was out of my mouth before I could stop know when normally it's something that you think in your head but shouldn't say out loud. Can you believe she said that though. When I took the mittens to the customer service dept and asked them why such a price different fo rthe same mittens....she snarled at me and said "How am I supposed to know?" Maybe cause it's your job to know...that's why they call it customer service department??!! Ok that's my second complaint for today....I do have more. I think I'm in a mood!! I need to go take some pictures of all those projects I've been so busy making. And share them with you....because that is what you came for....not to listen to me rant about the BIG BOX store!

And besides, my demonstrator friend is in some kind of designing slump and needs a new projects to case!! I'll see what I can come up with for you T.B.!!


Monday, November 22, 2010

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Have fun!!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

For only $107.50.....

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If you have any questions just email them to me. That's what I'm here for!

Well, I am off to get some stampin' done....I have lots to do....I'll tell you about it tomorrow.

Jodi Kutz

Saturday, November 6, 2010

I am still here!

It's funny how life takes over some times. Thank you for coming back to see me. The kids are finally feeling better. they both had to do a round of antibiotics. I still have a cough and sniffle. I think it might just stay with me until spring! I guess that's what happens when you have a child in JK.

I have been busy creating...for classes and clubs. I have my annual Stamp-a-stack on Friday. There is still a couple of seats open if you are interested. Class times are 10am-2pm and 6pm-10pm. I will post the cards on Monday. We are doing 5 different cards, 4 of each for a total of 20 cards!

Today we are off to Hamilton for a CFL game! Family day! And it is snowing here in Sarnia today! Not sure about Hamilton though. I think that it is going to be a cold day!!! Jon and I went to Grey Cup in Hamilton when we were first dating...and the snow, OMGoodness!! Soooo much snow! For a football game. Crazy.

Well wish me luck that I don't freeze my tushy off!

Have a great day.....and go and get some stamping done! Stamp a card for me!