Monday, February 15, 2010

Family Day? More like Sick Day....

I ended up all alone on Family Day :( Hubby had to we at the in-laws for a sleepover. I hung out with my cold on the couch all day! I don't think I've had a "sick" day since before the kids were born!!! It was kinda nice....although I feel very guilty! I haven't been in my Studio in a week. But I have some thoughts in my head for my New Stamp Club that starts this week. I'm looking forward to's going to be fun! Sorry, I have no pic's for you. Tomorrow I will hopefully create something new!
I am posting this from my is very awkward because the mouse pad is right in the I'll be typing away and I have accidentally touched the pad and my curser jumped to somewhere else on the page and I typing in the middle of another sentence.....I don't know if I ever get used to I type it keeps happening.....maybe I should get off this couch and just go downstairs to the computer and do this!!! I'm just going to stop right now...have a great night!

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