Saturday, January 14, 2012


Loving these new products!!

Loving the colours, the ribbons, the brads, the new it all!

I know I have been missing in action for a long's why.
In June I got a new job, On Call Client Service Coordinator for Bayshore Home Health. I worked evenings and every other weekend. Honestly, it was awful. After I got the kids off to school I had the day to myself, which was great to have that time to myself, got A LOT of STAMPING done. Then at 2pm I would have to stop and get showered and dressed for work and go get the kiddies from school,  once home make a coffee, kiss my hubby as he walked in the door then off to work I go. I would not get home until 8pm when the kiddies where in bed and my hubby usually asleep on the couch. Then spend a couple of hours by myself again because everyone in the house was sleeping. And I worked every other weekend. I missed out on a lot. Hubby was stressed doing it all by himself all weekend long. It was awful because I was spending all my free time alone - while my kids were in school, and my hubby was working, I was home....and when they were home I was working.

So I put in lots of time, picked up extra shifts in the office for reception and coordinating, sometimes only having one day off a week. It was hard on everyone, and made me SAD a lot. I missed them and the fun things they were doing, without me.
Then positions in the office became open. I applied. In December I was hired for the Full time Receptionist position.
Now I am HOME in the evenings and EVERY weekend spending time with my family and working when they are in school and when my hubby is working.

Now I am HAPPY!!

This is the first full time permanent position I have ever had. For 8 long years I have worked part time evening and weekends. It was great for a long time because it allowed me to be home with my kids when they were little and they didn't have to go to daycare. But now that they are in school full time, it was silly me being here at home by myself through the day and leaving when they got home from school.

 I feel very blessed to have time with my family!

The ONLY sad part is that I have less time to stamp. So now I will work on BALANCE in my life. Balancing my free time for stamping and time with my family....and that's OK with me. I love having the choice about what to do with my free time.

It has been had to see my SU business not doing as well. It has been on the back burner for awhile. I miss all my Stampin' Friends! It really is my social time. I never stopped holding club nights, but I did stop offering classes. I took the month of December odd from SU. The first break I've taken from SU in almost 4 years. I did not even offer Christmas Stamp-a-stacks this year. I struggled with the guilt of that because I think I let a lot of customers down. But I had to take a step back and slow down.

January...a new year begins. I am holding Club on Jan 24th and I am excited to see every one again. Excited to share all these beautiful new products!

A friend asked what words will describe your New Year?


Thanks for stopping in. I cannot promise to be back very often, but I am back.

Jodi Kutz


  1. So glad to have you back, Jodi XOXO Tam

  2. Congrats on your full-time position! That's wonderful news! I hope you will find that balance. It will bee a nice sweet spot once you do.

  3. Really breathtaking Jodi, you have found a perfect balance with this card and l hope you continue to find it with everything else.
    Already popped it in my case file in the hope these goodies make thier way to Oz.

  4. Gorgeous Card! I love, love the banners!

  5. Love your card Jodi! and if it makes you feel any better, I think my hiatus from blogging was even longer! So happy for you with your new position and your aim to find balance... if you find it, please share the secret! Hope to see you again soon and so happy to have stumbled on your blog again! :)