Friday, April 30, 2010

On this night 4 years ago....

I was sooooo huge, pregnant with our baby girl! She was 6 days late. My husband had been sleeping on the couch (a not so comfy pull out!) for about 6 weeks by this point and ready to get his bed back! My labor pains started at 5:09 am...I remember thinking that my maternity undies band was irritating my tummy....I checked the time...5:09....wnet back to sleep....then again at 5:19....then one more time at 5:32am. I took those three times for me to get a clue! Every night, for days weeks prior, when I'd get up to pee (you know how that goes) and creek the floors, Jon would hear me and think "Its's time". But this time it was...finally time!
2 midwives, 1 midwife student, 1 ER nurse, my hubby, my Mom and my best ambulance, two ambulance attendents, one nosy planned homebirth! One baby healthy girl finally arrived at 3:05pm.
Then.... three more abulances, one that lost it's breaks and ended up down the for me, then the third to pick up the attendents from the first! So now we are at 2 midwives, one midwife student, 1 ER nurse, my hubby, my Mom, my best friend, 6...count them...1,2,3,4,5,6 abulance attendents on on my front lawn to take one Mommy to the Hospital with one serious problem!

It's called Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction. Google it and read the symptoms, if you dare. I just did and it made me cry just now...because I had all of the symptoms and it makes me sad to think that it wasn't diagnosed before labour and delivery....and positions during labour and delivery that was suggested I put myself in most likely made it much worse. I could not lift my leg to walk. I spent two days in the hospital...made to walk with a walker...taught how to use the walker to get up stairs so that I could get myself up the stairs and into my house! Then they sent me home...with my newborn baby and two legs not working....excrutiating pain! And NO outside help! I had my dear husband and my Mom. Thank you God for them...but sooooo difficult on them. They put a low bed in my living room for me and my Mom slept on the couch for a week. When Summer woke in the night Mom would get up, get me up and sitting, get the baby up to hand to me to nurse, then Mom would change her and put us both back to bed. My husband had a week off. Poor guy. Having to take care of me and the baby and our 2 1/2 year old son...who life was turned upside down and was very mad at me for a very long time. I couldn't do anything for Liam. I couldn't even walk with the baby in my arms because I had to use a walker to get around. When Jon went back to work after his week off my Mom went home....and in the mornings when Summer woke up I couldn't get her out of the crib and walk with her so I'd call my Mom from my bed and tell her that she need to come now. She would come from her house and get Summer out of bed and bring her to me to nurse her. It all was really awful. But the light in all of it was Summer. She was a very good baby. I thank God for her...I love her so much. She was worth every bit of it though.
I thank God for Jon and my Mom too.
One cane...8 months of physio amazing physio thereapist (that had this exact injury from soccer...Jim Tsprallis) and one wonderfully supportive family...I survived the injury...but I had a wicked dose of Post Partum Depression. One wonderful support group...St. Clair Child and Youth Centre....I survived the PPD too.
And can you believe this is the short version....I started this post before midnight on the 29th. All of this seems so long ago...but just like yesterday at the same time. I love my daughter sooooo much and I can't even imagine my like without her. So Happy Happy Birthday my Summer Girl!!! I love you.
Thank you for letting me reminese.
I'm sorry I don't have a card to share today...they cards I have made are for swaps...and I don't want to share them just yet. I will be busy with the kids tomorrow. Summer and I had a whole day of Mommy and daughter shopping to do but Liam went to bed with a fever tonight so we'll see how that plays out. I'll be back in a day or two. Thanks for stopping in!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

It's Wednesday!!!!

Wow, the days go by so fast! It's already Wednesday. It's been a very good day and I got alot accomplished so far. Yay! I had to finish up a dozen cards for the girls from last night...there is never truly enough time to get all those cards done. So I offered to get the cards finished for them today. I also designed three 6x6 pages for club and I designed a card for a swap I signed up for, for a big meeting in London, Ont. I put my name in to do two swaps...12 cards for each group. 24 cards! That's alot! I will get back 11 different cards from each group....beautiful samples from other wonderfully talented demonstrators! I can't wait to see them.
My team has grown since the last quarterly meeting in London. I am very excited for my new girls to experience one of these meetings. The meetings are inspiring and motivating...just what a meeting should be! We really shouldn't call them meetings though....we should call them PLAY DATES!!! I think we called them meetings just to make our Hubbies think that it is about business in the business sort of way!!!! What could be more fun then getting together with a bunch of gals that are loving doing the same thing you are? Did I mention I'm going to the SU Convention in July????  I am soooooo excited for that! Over 3000 women will be there....and our fellow Americans get even more excited!!!  Have you seen them on Oprah when she has her Farvorite Things giveaway??? Well, that's about as excited as the demonstrstors get at convention....I've seen the vidio!!! I went to a Regional Seminar in London, Ont last year and the SU people say that  us Canadians are laid back! I guess we'll see!
Today I am sharing a scrapbook page of my most adorable son, Liam. On his 7th birthday he wanted McDonalds for supper. He also wanted to have his first BIG MAC! He usually gets the Happy Meal with a hamburger dressed like a Big Mac. But now that he is 7...he thinks he's big enough to eat a whole Big Mac. Well, we got him one and as you can tell he thoroughly enjoyed it! And he ate the whole thing!!! I couldn't resist getting the carmera! I'm so glad I did.
Sorry the pic is kinda wonky!
I'm trying new colour combos. Now that we have 29 colours retiring I'm trying to use them up. I have a 5 inch stack of cardstock to use. And that's just the 8.5x11 cs.
I thought these colours worked well for a boy page.

Okay dinner is in the oven, dessert is in the fridge, Jon is at the dentist, and Liam and Summer are going out in the backyard to play...I think I'll take my coffee down to my studio and get to work....I just comitted to another swap for a different meeting and I have an idea....gotta run!

Have an enjoyable night with your families!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Absence makes the heart grow fonder....

Sorry I've been absent for a couple of days. I have been working on Monday nights lately and I am usually holding a class or club on Tuesday nights. I will have a project to share with you tomorrow...a scrapbook page! I know!!!! I, like, never do scrapbooking anymore! I love to scrapbook but I find doing a 12x12 page is very time consuming....that's a BIG page! So, I working on some 6x6 pages....just a little bigger than a card! Hee, hee!
I was holding a SAS tonight....and you know when you have kids...they always like to say the most innocent, honest and most inappropriate things!!!! Well, that was my daughter tonight......gotta love her....she sure makes me laugh! And my customers too! At least my one customer has grandchildren her age and the other literally has 11 they understand.....but this one lady was completely I said "she's only little....come on Mom, you shouldn't be surprised, you know what kids are like!" Tee hee hee!

See you tomorrow!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

A nice quiet Sunday at home....

My dear husband is working OT today and Liam is helping Papa with renovations and Miss Summer is napping. I have been busy getting ready for my Stamp-a-stack. I have the last two cards ready and I've been getting the cutting done!

This first card today ws cased from demo Ilina Crouse. I love the simplicity of this card.
I thought this was a great card (above) for retirement. But you can change the sentiment to anything.
This second one was cased from Erika Cerwin. I always have a difficult time making masculine cards. There is not a lot of stamps for boys. But this one can be for boy or girl...I really love the colours!
I simpified this card a little to make it easier for my SAS. Erika used a white card base and used a sponge and blue ink to make clouds. Really nice!
Now I'm off to finish cutting and then maybe some scrapbooking!
Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Quick Post today...

Jon and I have a night out tonight and my in-laws are here to watch the kiddies. I better hurry and get dressed. So here is two of the four cards for my Stamp-a-stack on Tuesday night...

This one is inspired by another demo named Carrie Gaskin. I added the trees. I thought this would make a fun masculine birthday card and it was so easy to do.

And this Ice Cream one was inspired by Selene Kempton. I used her colour scheme but I had to simplify it for my SAS. I love these colours!
Tomorrow I will make the other two made.
Enjoy your Saturday night!

Friday, April 23, 2010

It's Friday already? Where did the week go?

It's amazing how fast the week can go by! Things just seem to come up and fill my days and nights. I am about to embark on scrapbooking!!! May is National Scrapbooking month. I always seem to struggle with scrapbooking. I have always just done 12x12 pages....but in the New Summer Mini they have these really cute 6x6 I thought I'd try scrapping one of these. SU also has this whole set of tropical themed DSP and Stamps. My husband and I went to Cuba in the fall. We had so much fun! Our first vacation away since having kids...and our fisrt time leaving the kids. That was really hard for me. Once we go there safe and sound and a good nights sleep, I was ok. I took a lot of pictures with my new camera...but looking at them now, most of them are not scrap-worthy. I`ll have to think out the shots better next time. We were most looking forward to snorkling. Neither one of us had done this. We brought our own masks and snorkles too. If you asked either one of us what we enjoyed the most about our trip...both of us would say the snorkling...(ok he might say the beer! and I might say the coffee!). Can you believe I don`t have one pic of him in his snorkling gearÉ...ÉÉÉÉÉ...what is this É is supposed to be a question mark.....anybody know what I did wrong...ÉÉÉÉ do I get my question mark backÉ......ahhhhhhh!!!!!!

Ok I`m moving I thought that I`d scrap my CUBA pic`s in this 6x6 seems less daunting then 12x12 pages. Here is my cover page. I love these colours in the DSP.
In Cuba, every afternoon by 4pm everyone leaves the didn`t take long to figure out why. These tiny little bugs come out and start biting. They are so tiny you can`t see them. My friend Patricia from Montreal, that I met there on the beach, calls these bugs ``noseeums``. Cause you can`t see um! On this afternoon I really wanted a pic of the setting I stay out on the beach to get this shot. I managed to get a bunch of them....and a bunch of bites too but it was so worth it. When the sun was setting here in Sarnia, Ont, Canada in November at 5pm or was the sun in Cuba.....which was really strange to get used to because when the weather is as nice here as it was in Cuba the sun doesn` set until 10pm. Really strange!

I hope to get some more pages done this weekend. I have a Stamp-a-Stack on Tuesday to get ready for...still designing the cards....oh, I have the ideas in my head but now I just have to make them into cards!
Have a great night! Thanks for stoping in. And seriously, if anyone knows how to stop the ÉÉÉÉÉ thing...I will love you forever!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

It's still Tuesday.....I have a card for you today.....just like I said I would!!!!

I fininshed the card this morning! I had to hurry and finish it because Summer made plans for coffee at Nana's! I was on the phone with my Mom this morning...and Summer insists on saying hi to Nana but I was in the middle of talking....then I said goodbye and hung up the phone....Summer reminds me that she didn't get to say hi to Nana. So I dialed Mom back and gave Summer the phone. Next thing I know Summer is telling Nana that she just has to put her shoes on and we'll be over for coffee soon. She said goodbye and tried to hang up but I was able to get the phone from her before she pressed the button! I asked Mom what Summer was talking about....and well we were going for coffee. We had fun!

So here is another take on the Extreme Elements and the Extreme Skateboarder. I used the same colour combination as the Monkey Card I shared in an earlier post....Pumpkin Pie, Sahara Sand and Taken with Teal. I have not used the Taken with Teal much in the I'm sad to see that this colour will retire! I love this colour combo! With Liam being 7 now...I just think it would make some really great projects for I guess I'll stock up on a little of the Taken with Teal and make a scrapbook with it of him.

So onto the card...
I used the New Presto Speciatly Designer Paper available in the upcoming Summer Mini. (The Pumpkin Pie strip across the botton of the card) This paper is so cool! It comes white with a design clear embossed into it...then you choose the colour you want it to be...and presto! don't just wiggle your nose at it! You do actully have to make it the colour you want! You can use a brayer with ink or a sponge and ink or....well, I still have to figure all that out! I'm excited to see what I can do with it! The tags are Vintage Tags (Summer Mini) and the Rough Type alphabet. I got the work rock from the Nursery Neccesities... (if I spelled that right?)...there is a stamp in that set that says "Rock-a-bye"...I love taking just the words I need from stamps...(shhhhhh....secretly that's part of the reason I love being a demo is becasue I have such a collection of stamps that I have just about every word I'll ever need!!! Almost!....shhhh).
Have a great night! Hope you like my card!

Monday, April 19, 2010

I tried to nap instead....

I know I said I'd post my card later today...but I didn't get back down to my studio to get it finished. I am sick with a started yesterday and slowly got worse today. (I barely slept last night and ended up on the couch because I couldn't stop coughing and kept on waking Hubby. He gets up at 5:30 am to get off to work so he sent me back to bed then.)  By the time I got Summer down for her nap this afternoon, I was ready for one too. I had to go in to work tonight for stock. I will finish my card tomorrow and post it. See you then!

A beautiful spring day!

It is very nice out today. Yesterday was cold and on Saturday is was very cold with hail! The up and down in the weather like this...well I always get a cold. But today is beautiful. I noticed that the tulips are blooming!So early in the season. The lilacs are soon to open too! Most times the lilacs are not even open by the May Long Weekend! I grabbed my camera and went out and took some pic's I wanted to share with you. I've alwasys wanted to get really good pic's of flowers but my old camera just would not take good pic's. In November my hubby and I bought a new camera for our trip to Cuba. I love my new camera! The pic's it takes are amazing. I am slowly learning how to use it though. So here are the pic's I took of the tulips and lilacs today.
The lilacs are right beside our bedroom window...when it is warm at night I can open the window and smell them as I go to sleep. We just need some warm nights so I can sleep with the window open!

I am working on a card...I'll go get it finished and share it with you later.
Enjoy your afternoon!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

I thought Sunday's were for Family days?

I love Sunday's when we all get to be home and have a big breakfast and time and movies. We so rarely get to do that anymore....these days we get one day a week to all be together...if we are lucky. Sometimes I wish the world would just slow down. Shopping on Sundays? Really? I'd much rather be home...instead of working at the mall on Sunday. I don't even think the mall should be open....there are not many people there as it is. And the ones that are...are really just killing time not really shopping. Okay that's my grump for the day.
Thank goodness for grandpa's today! Jon and I both had to dear Father-in-law came and babysat Dad took Liam to the Y for two birthday the same time! I really don't like missing these things. I wanted to see Liam swim...he has learned to plug his nose and put his face in the water in the tub...I wanted to see how brave he'd be in the pool. : ( Sad I missed it : (  I'm working hard on my Stampin' Up! business to be able to give up the part-time job at the mall and be home for all these life events...big an small...the kids are only small once...they are growing and getting more and more independant everyday. I don't want to miss a moment!
So on to what you all came here for....Today's card! I made this card for my club night featuring one of the stamp sets on the 2 Step Stampin' promotion. The stamp set is called Trendy Trees and you can get it at 20% off this month. It's a really adorable set...tiny little trees. In this card I used only one of the tree images...there are 4 plus it includes some sentiments. It is a 2 Step Stamp because the trunk and the leaves are separate images. The colours I chose are Pretty in Pink, Old Olive and Whisper White. I also used the New Square Lattice Embossing Folder (Summer Mini available May 1st). I was inspired by a card I saw a long time ago at a Stampin' Up Regional Seminar. I don't remember the exact layout of that card but the colours and the ribbon and the stamp set are the same. I hope you like this one!

The button is hand made...of paper. I love this ides from our Stampin' Success magazine...punch out 4-6 small circles of cardstock then glue them one top of one another, use a tiny hole punch for the button holes, then tie a bow with a little linen thread. Presto! Matching button cute!
enjoy the rest of your Sunday with your families!

P.S. I am holding a Stamp-a-stack of All Occassions Cards on Tuesday, April 27th from 6 to 10pm. We are using all new products from the Summer Mini! There a still a few seats available. The cost is $40 for 16 cards including envelopes. Contact me by Friday, April 23 tp reserve your seat. Prepayment is due by Friday, April 23. I will need the weekend to get all supplies cut. I hope that you can make it out! I have doorprizes! 

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Happy Saturday!

Summer and I went out clothes shopping today with our girlfriends. Her little girlfriend, Sara, is 9 days older then Summer. But Summer is huge compared to petite Sara. Sara is in a size 2-3...I was buying clothes for Summer in 5-6's. Amazing how they are so different. Summer and Liam are now in the same size pants and shirts and they are three years apart in age.  We had so much fun! Shopping and lunch.The girls had on little sequenced princess cute!

Here is a cute card I made the other using a New Summer Mini stamp set called Bouquet Bunch. This stamp set comes with a flower pot, a vase and a tree trunk, stems, a bunch of leaves and a this bouquet bunch of leaves and flowers, a tiny little bird and squirrel. I think that it is a very versitile stamp set. So many thing that you can do with one stamp here is one and I'm going to make more to show you...using the other stamps in this set.

I'm going to get some scrappin' done now...enjoy the day...even though it is very cold today!

Friday, April 16, 2010

I feel just terrible!

Not because I'm sick or anything...I made a scheduling mistake. I usaully hold my Thursday Night Club in the 20's of the month...which usually works out to the third Thursday...well, yesterday was the third Thursday of the month....and I had two customers come to my door for club night....and I was not expecting them! Ahhhhh! I have never done this before and I feel just terrible about it. That they came here hoping to have some fun and I had to turn them away! I am so sorry. So today I made each of them a small apology gift....I hope that they will forgive me!

I really hope they like them. It did give me a chance to break out the new Summer Mini products. It's just a very simple box made to hold 3 x 3 cards. The little vintage tag is new from the Summer Mini...and I used the new Rough Type alphabets on the tag...which fits perfectly! Stampin' Up! has a way of doing that....making everything to coordinate! On the little cards I made one with my apology and two extras for them to use to give away. I used Sweet Pea Stitched Felt flowers on the front adhered to a piece of Chocolate Chip Cardstock that was put through the Big Shot with the New Square Lattice Embossing Folder (again in the upcoming Summer Mini). This embossing Folder rocks! Each side has a different impression...really cool. You have to try it out to see what I mean.
Well, I hope to never have this scheduling mistake like this again because I know that if I was in their shoes I'd be disappointed....thinking that it was a night out for fun and friends and scrappin' only to find out that it was on another again I'm sorry to B.H and K.R.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

I can't get enough of the monkey!

Hello! I've been going all day! It has been a very good day for me. I want to Welcome Vikki J. to my team!!! I just love her...she is so funny...I'm very happy that she has joined my team cause now I get to hang out with her even more!!!

Here is a card with that little monkey again...don't you just LOVE him? You know I do! He is from the Fox and Friends stamp set in the Occassions Mini. You just gotta get him before he's gone...forever : (  .
I love these colours....Pumpkin Pie, Taken with Teal and Sahara Sand! So cute "boy"!
I hope you like it!
Have a great night! I'll be posting earlier tomorrow!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Quick Post today...

I got registered for SU Convention 2010 today! I'm very excited about going! I have to go into work tonight....and I have a hugh headache. It's going to be a wonderful night! So a really quick's a book mark using a new stamp set from the upcoming Summer Mini...
and I used the Two Tags die for the Big Shot....kinda cute!

Now I have to run and get Liam from school.
Have a great night!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I love these new Stamp Sets!

The Summer Mini stamp sets I got in my pre-order yesterday are the best! My favorite so far has been one called Watercolour Trio. There are three images of flowers and a butterfly. Also, three sentiments. I was inspried by a card made by Ilina Crouse. She does beautiful work. So the first card today was a CASE of her card....
This card is just slightly different. I love these colours together! I am so happy that SU is making Rich Razzleberry a new CORE colour. It has to be one of my fav's...and paired with Old Olive (which is staying too) is my fav colour combo!
So for the next card I wanted to change up the pink of course! Very similar. I added the scalloped stamped detail to look like a vintage garden border. I had this thought in my head ever since I saw it. It comes from a new stamp set called Pedalling Past. It also has very sweet line art tricycle and a bicycle built for two. So cute. There is so much more I have to play with! I can't wait.
Well, now I have to go and wake up Summer. She was playing really good today and didn't look I let her skip her nap. Big mistake! After we picked Liam up from school, Liam and Summer had an argument over some balloons. I'm the big bad Mommy and told them that if they argue again I was going to pop the balloons and throw them in the they I popped! She had a meltdown and a time out in bed. I was getting the kitchen tidied and when I went in to check on her she was asleep! I thought that skipping her nap would help her to go to bed better at night...but she if she doesn't nap then she can't make it to bedtime. I will ask is she supposed to go to school full time in the fall? She turns four at the end of this month...she's still so young. I don't understand what the school board thinks that a full day at will accomplish really. You know they never asked parents what we thought...they didn't even ask teachers! So, we'll see how she does over the Summertime. If she gives up her nap naturally...okat then, but I am not going to make her. She's awake a zombie here beside me with her two fingers in her mouth! I know she is a big girl in size but she is still so young! I'm going to go have a snuggle with her while she still fits in my lap!

Have a great evening with your families. I hope you like the cards!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Mr. Brown came early today!!!!!!

Mr. Brown (aka my UPS guy) could not have come at a better time! He just delivered a box containing my Summer Mini pre-order goodies! I'm so excited! So, now that my daughter, Summer, and I have unpacked it all...and she is down for her know where I'll be! Playing with my new SU stuff! Have a good afternoon...I'm going to! Hey, don't be too jealous could be can join my team now and be all set up to get in on the 2010/2011 Idea Book and Catalogue Sneak Peek pre-order! And get all the new colours before everyone can also earn the NEW Core Colours and New In Colours for free! (a $235 value!)........Intrigued? I know that you are! Just email me and I will answer all of your questions. Your could have your Starter Kit in 7-10 business days!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

I finally used this stamp....

The stamp I used for this card was a Hostess Level 1 from the Sping and Summer 2008 Catalogue...I got it days before it retired...but I just love it. I've been watercolouring lately....this is the perfect image for watercolouring.
I don't even know what kind of flower it is . I thought maybe a little like a I watercoloured it red. I didn't put on a sentiment yet...I thought I'd leave it blank for now.
We have a party tonight at our neighbours house. He is turning the big 5-0! He is a carpenter. So I made him this card using the Totally Tool stamp set. It turned out really cool.

 Inside it says "Just turned 50!". I had these really tiny brads I used on the the saw, the measuring tape and the tiny tag. The DSP is a Specialty DSP from SU called To the is cardstock wieght. It is really masculine. All browns and greens. Well, I'm very happy with this one. Sometimes they turn out better that I had imagined it!

Enjoy the rest of your day!

Friday, April 9, 2010

A Birthday Card for a Boy....

My nephew turned 9 this does the time go? I had a card that I made for a club a while my Mom used it as inspiration and made it her own. I really like the colours she picked. They really pop. She picked Night of Navy as the card base....this is a colour I haven't used alot...but I think I'm going to. We paired it up with Old Olive and Brocade Blue. The stamp set we used is Extreme Elements and the Extreme Skateboarder. I love these stamp sets. They are perfect for boy cards.
The sentiment is from the FYI stamp Set. We also used the Texturz Plates for the Big Shot to give some texture to the Old Olive mat. We stamped the skater on Night of Navy cs in the same colour ink and cut him out and used dimesionals to adhere him. He really pops off the card.
Here is a onesie I stamped with Craft Ink. I gave one of these to the newest little nephew. I did these with a club to show them different thing that you can do with craft ink. They really love it. Then I demo'd it at an Upline's meeting...the demonstrators loved it too! They key is make sure that the ink pad has been nicely reinked and to heat set the Craft Ink with the heat tool. They make great gift ideas. The possibilities are endless. I used solid image stamps and line arts stamps.

Extreme Elements and Extreme Skateboard....

Fox and Friends....

Flight of the Butterfly....

Fifth Avenue Floral (on promo right now for 20% off!)

Whimsical Words (SAB) and Sweetheart Stamp sets...

Tushy shot!

This one is a done with a Stampin' Up! Stencil and sponge daubers.

Just imagine the possibilities! Have a great day!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

I finally have a card for you!

I've been a bit distracted lately...with the renovation...SU's Colour Renovation! I am so excited to get my hands on the new colours! I have lots of colour combinations rolling around in my head it keeps me up at night. Do you remember the way you felt as a child lying in bed on the night before Christmas? That's how I feel...that kind of excitement! Later next week SU is sending me a package of cardstock of the new core colours! I have to wait for the ink though : (  . Being a SU Demonstrator ROCKS!!! Wish you were one? Contact me we'll talk.....sneak peeks and pre-orders....just a couple of the perks! I know you are jealous now...admit it.

Okay on to the card. I got a happy surprize today. My Mom showed up at my door this morning...she thought she had to work this morning at 9am. When she got there she was reminded of the shift change she agreed to the week before...she has been a little loopy on pain meds the last couple of days...due to a dental procedure : (  . She forgot about the shift change. So she came here to have coffee with me...or so I thought! Until she tells me that she needs a baby card and a birthday card...and she wants to sit and make I'm kidding...she was not demanding about it. She really likes the bear card that I posted in March. We made that one in brown and pink.

I told my Mom that we are going to have to get all our Birthday cards done in December. A December Birthday Stamp-a-Stack! Most of my family's Birthday are in the beginning of the year...Jan. (2), Feb. (4), March (4) and April (3)...sorry May (2) too! Okay I'll put them all so no one has hurt feelings...July (1), Oct. (1) and Nov. (3). I hope I didn't forgot anyone!

I am holding a All Occassions Stamp-a-Stack on Tuesday, April 27 at 6-10pm. Be the first to try out the Summer Mini products! Check out the details on my website . There are still some seats me today to reserve your seat! 

Have a great night!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Stampin' Up! 's Colour Renovation!!!!

I am very excited to share with you the news that Stampin' Up! is doing a bit of a renovation....with colour! In the 2010/2011 Idea Book and Catalogue Stampin' Up! is freshening up the colour families...they will now be called Colour Collections. Each Colour Collection will contain 10 colours instead of 12. Also, they are adding six new CORE colours! You are going to love them! I don't know when I can share the new colours with you but I can give you a list of the colours that will be retiring....because they are definately out dated! So a fond farewell to thes colours....
Okay, I checked and I can share with you the New Colour Collections! Yeah!
So without further ado.....

 Marina Mist , Daffodil Delight, Cherry Cobbler, Cajun Craze, Early Espress and Crumb Cake are the six new colours. (Crumb Cake is actually Kraft renamed and available in ink and paper now!)

The In Colours coming back are Tangerine Tango, River Rock, Riding Hood Red, Wild Wasabi, Baja Breeze, Pink Pirouette, Pacific Point, Melon Mambo, Soft Suede and Rich Razzleberry.
All of these new and returning colours will be available in makers, inks, reinkers, cardstock, pastels and watercolour crayons!

Craft Stampin' Pads will only be available in Whisper White, Basic Black and Very Vanilla. They will still continue to carry the Craft Stampin' Spots and Reinkers in the new colour collections.

No worries. You have until June 30th to stock up on reinkers and cardstock of the retiring colours. 

Stampin' Up is going to have colour kits to add the new colors to your Stampin' Write Markers, Classic Stampin' Pads, Watercolour Crayons and Stampin' Pastels to make the transition as easy as possible for you.

There will be five new In Colours in the 2010/2011 Idea Book and Catalogue too! They will be "current" for two years now instead of one! And then in the 2011/2012 Idea Book and Catalogue they will bring out another five In Colours. Therefore, there will always be 10 Current In Colours. They will over lap by a year then one set will retire and another will set come!

 Keepin' it Fresh and Updated! I hope you are as excited as I am! I love colours....that's why I love Stampin' Up! Anything new excites me too! Let me know what you think....leave a comment!
(to leave a comment you need to have a yahoo or google profile..sign up , it's easy to do!)

Sorry I have not posted in a couple of gets busy!

I will post something tomorrow.I have some very exciting news from Stampin' Up! I can wait to share it! I just finished up with club tonight. I'm off to bed to stare at the ceiling. I so enjoy Club night's...great fun...great gals! But after I'm so wired from the excitment that I can't sleep. I so love this as my job...I'm telling you! You should try it. I'm very excited about this BIG news from Stampin' Up! I'm sorry to keep you in suspense....but I promise it will be worth the wait! Good night!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

It has been a very Happy Easter here at our house. The kids and Jon and I has a "camp out" in the living room last night. Jon was the first on sleeping! No surprise there! The kids were up at 6:30am. They have been very good though. We had Easter lunch with Jon's family...then a nice relaxing afternoon at home. Well I have been preparing for Tuesday Night Stamp Club. Almost ready for that! I was busy yesterday...I got two Scallop Square Rag Bags finished. I have one more to go! Here is the one I made for myself. Pink, of coarse!
And this one is a late birthday gift for my Mom! Oops!

These bags are so much fun to make. And so easy. I have made 2 dozen rag quilts of all sizes...and I soooo wish I had this die to make them. Using the die eliminates the snipping. If you have ever made a rag quilt you'll know what I'm talking about! Once these bags are washed the scallops fray just enough. My last one is just a little one. The side has only 6 scallop squares. My pink one above has 12 and my Mom's has nine. You can make them whatever size you need.

April's Promotion -Two-Step into Spring!

From April 1-30 only, you can buy the brand-new Awash with Flowers Two-Step Stampin' set—or get it FREE when you host a $460 workshop!

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View the flyer to see the beautiful creations you can make with the Awash with Flowers set—then contact me to place your order or schedule your workshop.

Hope you are having a very Happy Easter!

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Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy Good Friday!

What a beautiful day outside! The kids have been riding their bikes all morning! Now Liam is off to help Papa with his renovations and Miss Summer is down for an afternoon nap! Jon and I bought her a new bike for her Birthday....which isn't until April 30th....but it's so beautiful out and her tricycle is too small for I got it out and gave it to her this morning! She is sooooooo excited. And she rides it so well. She rode it for a couple of hours and now thinks that we need to take the training wheels off! Well, she wore herself out and now I'll have a couple of hours to myself! The coffee is brewing and I can get some scappin' done!
So this card today I made yesterday for my new little nephew, A.J. My Mom needed a card too. So I have two cards to share with you today. I love both of them. This first one I made to coordinate with the gift I gave to him. I stamped onesies with the monkey from the Fox and Friends stamp set. The three monkeys on the front represent each of their little monkeys. A.J. is their third.

This next one I made for my Mom to give to him. I just love the little sail just says "boy".
On this card I used the Marker to Stamp Technique. I used Chocolate Chip, Bashful Blue, Certainly Celery and Real Red Markers to colour the stamp. I stamped one on Whisper White cardstock and one on a scrap piece of white. I cut one out and used stampin' dimensionals to give the sailboat some dimension. Enjoy this beautiful weather! Have a great day! 

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom!

Last night we celebrated my Mom's Birthday. We had my Mom and Dad over for dinner and cupcakes! This is the card I made for her.

I used Soft Suede and Blush Blossom card stock. The DSP is Bella Bleu. The technique is called emerging stamp the image on the DSP in versamark then emboss it with clear embossing powder. Next, you sponge on the colour (in this case I used Soft Suede) and the image emerges! I love this technique...I have lots of ideas for this technique I'd like to try! I used Petal Pizzazz and Teeny Tiny Wishes stamp sets. My Mom really loved this card.