Sunday, February 28, 2010

Go Canada Go!!!!

I'm watching the game with my hubby. It's so exciting!!! I get so nervous watching. I think I'm driving Jon crazy! The kids are into it too! It's so cute to hear them cheer! My brother-in-law lives in Calgary...he just got home from Vancouver yesterday. He was able to go and work from Vancouver and went to a bunch of events. He took lots of cool of Gretzky at a hockey game he attended! So exciting! Jon is on the phone with him now for the third time today. They call each other after each period. Boys! I really wish they lived closer. Third period starting soon so I'm going to get back to it. Go Canada Go!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Never Enough Time...

Not to do what I want to do...which is to scrap! Or make cards...whatever you like to call it. I like to call it scrap. Well, I may not have had much time to scrap but I did have a wonderful time with my family this weekend. My son, Liam, turns 7 tomorrow(well, today now!). "Oh Miss Gosh" as Summer would say! I can't believe he is 7! Where does the time go? (not scrappin', I know that for sure!!!) We held his party here at home...9 boys, 2 girls, 1 video game systems, 2 controllers, 3 light sabers, 7 pirate swords, a few tears (not mine...or my kids!), one pirate cake (with lots of icing missing...Thank you Summer and to Rosemasy for letting her!), 3 adults....priceless!!!! It was loud but it was so much fun...we'll do it again next year!

I got to scrap a little tonight though. I had a fun clas with two wonderful ladies. So sweet those two! 

I am working on a project right now. I also have a pic of a card I made for my youngest's on my camera still. A lot of good it does there right? Okay tomorrow I promise to put some photo's on my blog. I'm finding now that I have a laptop I don't get to the main computer to upload the pic's. I know it's just downstairs...and I could use the exercise! I'm up and down those stairs all day long trying to get a few minutes here and there to scrap. Plus to do the wash. And about a million other things too. On one of my trips down there tomorrow I will upload a photo or two.

We'll it is late I should get off to bed.

Liam, my sweet and lovable son, let me be the first to wish you a Happy Happy Birthday on your birthday....oh, I remember the details of your day like it was yesterday! My first baby. So special! I hope that you have a wonderful year full of fun and adventure, my little pirate!

G'night all!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Family Day? More like Sick Day....

I ended up all alone on Family Day :( Hubby had to we at the in-laws for a sleepover. I hung out with my cold on the couch all day! I don't think I've had a "sick" day since before the kids were born!!! It was kinda nice....although I feel very guilty! I haven't been in my Studio in a week. But I have some thoughts in my head for my New Stamp Club that starts this week. I'm looking forward to's going to be fun! Sorry, I have no pic's for you. Tomorrow I will hopefully create something new!
I am posting this from my is very awkward because the mouse pad is right in the I'll be typing away and I have accidentally touched the pad and my curser jumped to somewhere else on the page and I typing in the middle of another sentence.....I don't know if I ever get used to I type it keeps happening.....maybe I should get off this couch and just go downstairs to the computer and do this!!! I'm just going to stop right now...have a great night!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Birthday JACKIE!!!

I hope that you had a happy happy day!!! I had lots of fun tonight! I very much enjoy your company! I hope this year brings you all that you wish for! ; )

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Here is something I thought was interesting...

I do send things in to Stampin' Up! for contsests sometimes and I always go to Shoppers Postal Outlet. It cost me over $25 once to mail a card that I could track....ridiculous! But I thought this was interesting and from now on I will go to a "real" Canada Post Office from now on!....


Canada Post, from a random blog:
"I learned something over Christmas that I feel compelled to share with you.

This won't change your life dramatically or help you survive the apocalypse but it will save you some $$$.
I recently mailed two identical packages via Canada Post one week apart.
One would think that the postage should be exactly the same...well, let me tell you...
Pkg # 1 was mailed from an actual Canada Post Office. Postage came to $11.74. Since I knew a second identical package would be mailed in about a week's time, I bought sufficient postage for the second pkg while I was there.
When it came time to mail Pkg #2, I went to the post office in Shopper's Drug Mart. I handed the pkg to the clerk to be put in the outbound mail bag, I was informed that I did not have sufficient postage attached. The clerk proceeded to inform me that I needed to purchase and additional $6 worth of stamps. After explaining how I knew exactly what the postage should be, the clerk offered some lame excuse that Canada Post is unionized and they can say and do anything with impunity and if I wished to mail that pkg from Shopper's then I needed to purchase more stamps.
I told the clerk to stuff it and took back my package and headed to the "real" Canada Post Office, where I would raise hell...
Much to my surprise, the Canadian Postal Clerk took my package, weighed it and tossed it in the mail bag, and it was it's way...When I asked if the amount of Postage I had put on the parcel was right she shook her head and said "yup, no problem"...

The Truth comes out:

Canada Post Offices charge postage for packages at the published Canada Post rates.
Franchise locations such as Shoppers Drug Mart can charge whatever they like.

So remember if you regularly mail packages at franchise locations (ie Shoppers Drug Mart,) you are probably paying too much. Franchise locations are found in shopping malls, drug stores and private businesses everywhere. From now on, all of my mailing will be done from a real Canada Post location.

Still perplexed by what I was told by the girl in Shoppers, I fired off an email to Canada Post for clarification.
This is the reply I got from them:

Thank you for your message to Canada Post.
A postal outlet is not a federal government agency and is not owned or managed by Canada Post. For example if the postal outlet is within grocery store or pharmacy it would follow the stores working hours, therefore if the store must be closed, so will the postal outlet inside.
Only Canada Post Depots and Corporate Post Offices are obligated to follow the price of stamps and postal products that are legislated by Canada Post. Any commercial and private establishment may charge extra fees as a convenience to their customers. It is at their discretion to apply additional service fees to products that they sell. We suggest visiting a Corporate Post Office in order to avoid paying additional service charges that corner stores or other establishment may implement on their products.


Veronika Strofski

Customer Service "

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

How do you like my blog? been busy today learning how to give you the links you need right here all in one place! Once I figured it out it all came together very easily!!! Mr. Brown just dropped off a package at my door. I am going to open it and I'll be back later to post a picture of what cool thing he has brought for me!!! I can't wait to show you!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

I Love to Sew!!!

I have spent the entire day has been so long since I done any sewing. (I bought flannel to make the kids some pj's two winters ago and the material is still sitting here). I'm not very good at it but I can make a rag quilt (I've made around 20 of them since I was first pregnant with Summer...and in this case a rag quilt bag or purse.
For this purse I used the Scallop Square Die for the Big Shot machine. This way you don't have to do all that snipping to get the frayed edge! Much less work!!!! I wished that I had this when I made Summer a few crib quilts...the die and the size of the squares I used for her crib quilts are about the same! I have material to make one more purse...maybe tomorrow. The sewing is so much harder on my back then stampin'. Anyway, here it is.....